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bzcat Mar 15, 19 4:14 pm

Originally Posted by lsquare (Post 30891414)

Why would VS Club be out of the question? I’m not against going to KE lounge. Have you been there before? Worth going? How long is the walk from T2 to TBIT?

Because that's the obvious answer if you are arriving and departing from T2. Just go to VS Club. Unless you are arriving outside of PP hours.

T2 to TBIT is about a 10 minute walk landside. DL also operates an airside shuttle that can take you to TBIT.

KE lounge is ok... not that great but it's better than no lounge. My point was if you are willing to walk to PF Chang (which is in TBIT), you should just go to the KE lounge.

But obviously if you land during VS PP hours, don't even bother with KE lounge (or PF Chang for that matter).

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