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Kiwi Flyer Oct 11, 06 1:14 pm

My overall impression is like a giant RCC or AC.

SNA_Flyer Oct 11, 06 1:40 pm

Thanks for the update. I'll pretty much avoid TBIT in this case, choosing flights from T4 (to SYD instead of MEL with a connect), or to HKG via SFO.

While it doesn't sound much more terrible than the old business class lounges, not having First lounge access that I'd normally have is a bit of a turn off.

Savage25 Oct 11, 06 3:54 pm

Originally Posted by Kiwi Flyer
My overall impression is like a giant RCC ...

...which automatically qualifies it as a "third-world country" lounge :p

TerryK Oct 11, 06 4:27 pm

OMG! :td: I hope you just had a bad dream. :D :D

serfty Oct 11, 06 5:07 pm

I once titled a thread "T-Bit or not T-Bit, that is the question"; back then the answer was NO.

I guess it still is ...

EVA Air Oct 11, 06 7:16 pm

Thanks for your review! I'm looking forward to the new consolidated lounges.

sherisk8z Oct 12, 06 7:24 am

First class lounge?
Any info/feedback on the first class lounge yet?

kanebear Oct 12, 06 11:19 am

Doesn't sound terribly different from quite a few of the TBIT lounges anyway...

itsaboutthejourney Oct 12, 06 11:38 am

Thanks for the report Kiwi Flyer!

As many of you know, our airport may be a sh**hole, but Los Angeles is a great city. I'm often embarrased to call LAX my home airport.

Also, yesterday LAX officials announced it's first in-terminal advertising, so maybe next time your lounge visit will be "enhanced" by an Ad for Viagra or some new laptop?

Vunder31 Oct 12, 06 11:56 am

Kiwi Flyer, since you are the resident Air NZ expert, I'm sure you can answer this one:

Air NZ still operates out of T2 at LAX, right? And their Koru Club lounge in T2 is still open?
It would be really bad if Air NZ decided to move to the TBIT and then people would have to use the interim (and later the new *A) lounge instead of the Koru Club.

Kiwi Flyer Oct 12, 06 12:04 pm

Yes NZ uses T2 and has it's own (very nice) lounge there.

jsgoldbe Oct 13, 06 11:54 am

Anyone have any photos yet?

TravelTil Oct 14, 06 7:38 pm

Hi Kiwiflyer,

Thanks very much for the heads up. It looks like a request for a late checkout is in order to avoid spending more than the minimum time at the airport. Luckily, it doesn't look like the loading on my flight back from LAX over the Xmas/ New Year period is too bad, so hopefully won't be too crowded.

It's funny how those media releases differ from reality, isn't it?


From the media releases.


(Los Angeles, California – October 10, 2006) First- and business-class travelers using airlines in the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will still enjoy the comfort and service of its premium passenger lounges with the opening of two interim lounges while the building is undergoing a $575.6-million renovation.

LAXTEC Corporation, representative of the Bradley Terminal’s consortium of 33 airlines, is giving the airline community and travel-and-tourism industry an opportunity to see the interim first class and business lounges today during a tour of the waiting areas. LAXTEC paid more than $2.5 million to develop the two interim lounges which will open today. They will be in use for the next eight months while four permanent consolidated airline lounges are being constructed.

Frank Clark, executive director of LAXTEC said, "While both lounges are temporary, great care has been taken in design and execution to provide airlines’ premium passengers with the level of comfort and service they have come to expect."

The 4,000-foot, interim first-class lounge, located on the Bradley’s Terminal’s mezzanine level, is designed for 133 guests. The interim business-class lounge is 16,000 square feet and designed for 578 guests. It is located on a vacant ramp area opposite the terminal and is reached from the Bradley Terminal’s Gate 118 by continuously operating motor coaches.

Clark estimated airlines in the Bradley Terminal will pay about $7 million to operate the two interim lounges during the construction period.

Opening of the interim lounges allows for the demolition of Bradley Terminal’s 16 existing airline lounges on its fourth and fifth floors. Demolition is scheduled to be completed Nov. 30 and then work will start on four new lounge groups. Three new lounges will serve airline alliances, and the fourth is for customers of airlines not affiliated with an alliance.

Clark said the new lounges are scheduled to be completed May 2007. Airlines are paying the entire $15- to $20-million cost of the upgraded lounges. While each of the four new lounges will vary in size and occupancy, the overall lounge space in the Bradley Terminal will grow from the current 27,000 square feet to 47,000 square feet – an increase of 72 percent.

The renovation of the Bradley Terminal is the largest single construction project in the history of the City of Los Angeles. Unlike most airport projects where the building is closed to occupants, airlines will continue providing service to 10 million passengers annually during the 38-month construction schedule that begins January 2007. A wide range of improvements will be made to the building, including the installation of a $140-million, in-line baggage security screening system, state-of-the-art dynamic signage, improved lighting and finishes, and up-to-date information technology systems to speed the check-in process for passengers.

elitetraveler Oct 22, 06 4:14 am

Wow - that makes DEL seem pretty good. Sounds like an Amtrak station.

LAX UA 1K Oct 22, 06 4:47 am

I thought the lounge was very nice. After reading this and other threads I had a negative view but was pleasantly surprised. I was there late evening when it was almost empty. I thought they did a nice job and the food offerings looked acceptable for a business class lounge, although not lavish in any way. The beverage offerings were similarly acceptable but not lavish. There were hundreds of seats and the decor I found quite attractive and relaxing.

My gripe is that it took around 20 minutes for the trip there and back and as I didn't arrive very early, I spent most of my time going to and from and never really sat down. I waited around 5 minutes for the bus and it's easily a 5 minute ride there. They were already calling my flight when I arrived by the bus was not yet there. It took the bus at least 10 minutes to show up so I drank in view of the door until the time. Then 5 minutes ride back.

Now that I have seen it, I would not bother going out unless I have over 30 minutes until boarding begins.

Next week I hope to see the interim F lounge.


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