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2018 - 19 LAX Connections and Transfers Thread

2018 - 19 LAX Connections and Transfers Thread

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2018 - 19 LAX Connections and Transfers Thread
Connecting passengers who are arriving at LAX on international flights will also find useful information in the following thread:
Consolidated "Customs and Immigration at LAX" thread

"Published" Minimum Connect Time (MCT) international to domestic at LAX is 2 hours. Numerous LAX regulars advise that 3 hours is much safer. Wait times for incoming immigration and customs services are very inconsistent. While the vast majority of international flights arrive at the newly remodeled Tom Bradley Terminal, some airlines use older customs facilities in Terminal 2 or 6. View recent postings in this thread for more information.

T4 to T5 tunnel and a secure airside walkway between T4 and TBIT are now open. It is possible now to connect from T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 to TBIT without exiting security.

In T-4, the access to the tunnel via an escalator and an elevator at the center of the terminal under the Terminal Transfer sign (it was formerly designated Gate 44). Take the escalator down to the transfer bus gate, then turn left and take the escalator down towards baggage claim. At the bottom of the escalator make a U turn to the right and enter through the double doors. Please consult the terminals maps for the location of the tunnel in terminals 5 and 6.

A secure airside walkway, which is on the top level of a airside connector between T4 and TBIT opened in February 2016; it is accessed by Gate 41 in T4 and near the Qantas Lounge in TBIT. The complete project, including a TSA checkpoint (photo illustrations), a bus port and a checked baggage inspection area, was expected to finished by the end of May 2016 (but it is yet to open as of early June). More details here: LAX Terminal 4 Connector

2018 INFO

Los Angeles International Airport website

LAX Terminal Maps

How to enter LAX/Parking Map

How Do I Connect from Terminal B through Terminal 8? Follow the Yellow Dots
Only terminals 4 through 8 and Tom Bradley International Terminal are connected airside (through tunnels between terminals 4, 5 and 6, above ground hallways between terminals 6, 7 and 8, and a newly-opened above-ground connector between terminal 4 and TBIT). There are occasional airside shuttles elsewhere, but are subject to change (e.g. AA to American eagle, afternoon AA to TBIT Qantas). Airport policy allows you to gain admission airside to a terminal you are not departing from with an ID and a same day boarding pass, but anecdotal reports indicate that sometimes this is not honored by security personnel.

Tom Bradley International Terminal serves most, but not all, foreign airlines.

In most instances, international arrivals require processing USDHS-CBP (immigration, recovering baggage and processing customs); if you are going on in your travels, there is a baggage recheck counter as you exit customs. This can be fairly rapid if you have Global Entry or are arriving at a slack period, but it can take 60-90 minutes if you are arriving during a busy arrivals period.

After clearing customs and immigration, you must exit to landside and proceed to your next terminal. It is now possible to connect from TBIT to T4, T5, T6, T7 and T8 through the secured airside area - link to map above - after clearing TSA security on the arrival level of TBIT at the exit from the Federal Inspections Services facility. Alternatively, you may take the free shuttle busses, which only proceed anti / counter clockwise direction (In Order: 1-2-3-TBIT-4-5-6-7-8), or you can walk. At ground level you will be sheltered by the overhead departures-serving roadway, but be exposed to vehicle fumes and cigarette smoke; on the departures level, you will be exposed to the weather. It should take no more than 5 minutes to walk from one adjacent terminal to another, but it can take significantly longer to walk between distant terminals - as long as 15 - 20 minutes.

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Moving thread

Flyertalk has a dedicated forum for Los Angeles, and this type of thread comes up often. I will move the thread automatically, which will assist in solidifying an answer.
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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
I would book this as a connection, knowing that the late-delivering carrier would rebook me the next day and provide a hotel and meals.
Not possible. Southwest doesn’t interline.
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Self-connect to Southwest at LAX from international flights landing at TBIT require 3 hours minimum.
  • Foreign passport holders should budget at least 45 minutes to clear immigration at TBIT, longer at peak arrival time.
  • Custom time at TBIT is highly unpredictable due checked luggage arrival. It could take up to an hour for the first bag to show up after arrival. And the inspection/exit queues may be quite long depending on what other flights arrived around the same time. You should assume you need 30 minutes to claim bags and clear custom if you have checked luggage.
  • After existing custom, you could re-check luggage tagged to final destination. Except Southwest doesn't interline so there is no re-check. You must take your luggage with you.
  • Once landside, TBIT to T1 happens to be one of the longest transfer. The clockwise terminal bus will stop at T4, T5, T6, and T7, and then circle back to T1. This could take up to 30 minutes in heavy traffic.Walking in the counter-clockwise direction (towards T3, T2, and T1) is generally faster it is still a long walk... about 20 minutes if you walk fast.
  • Southwest T1 check in line is often out to the curb during peak departure hour. And then you have to clear TSA without precheck and get to the gate before last boarding call. I would budget 60 minutes to do this.

Add it all up, you need 3 hours to barely make it.
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