TAM Brazilian - New Partner

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TAM Brazilian - New Partner


New Partnership:

Press Release Source: GlobalPass

GlobalPass Announces a Preferred Partnership Agreement With TAM Brazilian Airlines
Monday June 2, 11:04 am ET

MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 2, 2003--GlobalPass, the independent web-based consumer loyalty program, has announced that effective July 1, 2003, GlobalPass and TAM Brazilian Airlines will enter into a Preferred Partner Agreement that provides GlobalPass customers the opportunity to use GlobalPass "Super Awards" for flights from the United States to destinations in South America served by TAM Brazilian Airlines.
According to Guy Booth, CEO of GlobalPass, the GlobalPass "Super Awards" concept allows GlobalPass customers to purchase tickets on Preferred Partnership airlines using their GlobalPass miles as payment. Customers preferring to pay in the conventional manner may opt instead to earn Global Miles for the purchase.

GlobalPass combines benefits from the airline, hospitality, charge card and merchandise service providers including participating frequent traveler programs by linking them with the "click" of a mouse. GlobalPass offers 21st century technology, putting the customer in charge of their mileage account, while allowing interaction with Service Providers, Participating Programs and GlobalPass Program Administration.

GlobalPass Customers have virtually unlimited opportunities for mileage accrual and redemption on a vast array of multi-national Service Providers to choose from. Visit http://www.globalpass.com to enroll free and view News and Promotions, Participating Service Providers and Programs, Customer Guide, Web Services, and other features.

TAM is Brazil's most successful commercial airline. As a result of its commitment to service and safety, its growth and reliability have only increased throughout the years and its commitment to excellence will continue to be the backbone of its corporate philosophy.

Today TAM services over 50 destinations within Brazil and neighboring countries. TAM inaugurated service to Miami in 1998, soon followed by Paris and plans are underway to continue the international growth serving various European and North American destinations (http://www.tamairlines.com).

GlobalPass, Miami
John H. Jackson, 305/870-7546, Fax 305/876-9325
E-mail: [email protected]

Source: GlobalPass

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I saw this piece this morning and went looking on TAM's website. Don't expect much information from the website. They have Airbus 330's plying routes to Miami and Paris and that's about it internationally. However, they have an excellent domestic Brazilian network. Should get you just about anywhere you want to go there.
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Here's another TAM Web site:


The information there is very limited as well.
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This is great news! TAM is a first rate airline--at least within Brazil. If they are a true GP partner it should be relatively straightforward to get award tickets out of them. Let us hope.

At least it's another sign of hope for the vitality of GP.
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TAM is planning to merge with Varig, '...within the next two months...' according to COO Alberto Fajerman.

Assuming this would go ahead (although perhaps not in the stated time frame) could this mean RG flights become available, or (more likely perhaps) would TAM-Varig pull out of this deal?

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I thought the TAM/Varig merger fell through a few months ago. Is it back on again? It's hard to believe that TAM would go through the trouble of joining GP if the Varig deal would force them to pull out of it.

When the merger was first announced there was a lot of discussion on FT about what would happen to TAM's relationship with AA and Varig's membership in the Star Alliance. Consensus seemed to be that Varig's Star membership would survive and TAM would have to give up its partnership with AA.

Anyone have any recent (local?) scoop on this?
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In the 13 May 2003 issue of Flight International it was reported that the main Varig shareholder Rubem Berta Foundation had finally approved the deal, and the comments from Fajerman (EVP and COO for Varig) above were made at the Star Alliance CEO Colloquium on the 31 May 2003, and reported in Air Transport Intelligence.

Seems somthing is still being arranged, but until a deal a signed you never really know...
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And the may/june 2003 issue of AvNews Latin America and Caribbean also reports this merger is on track for September.
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Here's some more news of the proposed merger. Doc originally posted this in Buzz but thought it would helpful here also.

It appears the pilots union is against the merger as they might lose pension benefits and job security. But the government seems to determined to make it happen to help solve Brazil's aviation crisis. The plan is to give TAM all of Varig's assets and none of their liabilities (such as the pension plan). So it would appear that TAM will be the surviving airline. Maybe that means that the AA and GP alliances will survive. That would be good news.

Here's the link to the
news article
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From the GlobalPass website.

Effective July 1st, GlobalPass Customers will be able to purchase TAM Brazilian Airlines tickets and earn PremiumMiles or use miles to purchase SuperAwards.
GlobalPass Customers will be able to reserve specific flights from the USA to Brazil.
Customers must perform all travel arrangements with GlobalPass, online or with the GlobalPass Customer Care Center.

Looks like our miles will only be good for "specific flights from the USA to Brazil."

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