I need serious help with these people

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I need serious help with these people


I got the million miles (at considerable expense), and guess what?? Now they are screwing me!

I decided to handle the thing about all the American airlines going under or dropping out. I calmly booked a reservation for me and a friend to go to Machu Picchu. I made the reservation with TACA as required, called Global Pass with the itinterary, then called TACA back with the numbers. I was promised the tickets by UPS.

Today, I get an email. First, the tickets will cost 60,000 more miles than they told me. Second, there's no reservation for my friend. Third, I have to pay a $40 fee to change the tickets because they have to be on TWO reservation codes instead of ONE, as Globalpass put them. Fourth, it's too late to make a reservation for my friend. Calling TACA didn't help at all. They say they have nothing for me.

We've committed to American tickets to Miami on the promise of these tickets to Peru, at a cost of over $700. These people have absolutely shafted me!!

I'm going to go to war, unless there's some solution. I'm not sure what I can do to these people, but I'm **** sure going to find out and DO IT.
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There is ample detail missing from your post for anyone to be able to constructively help you. I find it amazing that you are only now trying to get tickets from Latinpass, but who knows, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

First thing first: never, I repeat, never assume that Latinpass will get anything done or sent to you. You have to check, double check, recheck, hound, nag, etc. That's just the way they operate. Get used to it. I'd say pay your $40, try hard to get a different itinerary for your friend, pay the change fee on American to fly out of another city, whatever. Eat another 60,000 miles (what's the big deal there when you have 1,000,000?) Lesson learned.
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I agree that you should burn the extra 60,000 miles if you have to. As you note, you got this 1,000,000 miles at considerable expense. Get SOMETHING for your investment (if you haven't already been using the miles--can't tell from your post). Who knows how long GP will be around. 3 years have gone by now (and, by the way, make sure you get some qualifying account activity soon, if you haven't already, or the miles will all go kapoof!), so don't wait any longer.

If GP goes bankrupt, you'll have a great cocktail party story to tell, but not much else.

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I canít figure out just what you are doing or how you could be charged an extra 60,000 miles. Are you making stopovers on the way to Cusco? GP does not allow stopovers on its routings and that is stated clearly in the rules. If you stop (more than 24 hours) in Costa Rica or anywhere else and continue on to Cusco this would require two tickets. If the reservation is booked in Business Class I guess it could cost 60,000 more miles.

You said the reservations were on Taca and I assume you made it, as most of us do with the Distancia department yourself. A very big difference between Distancia and LP/GP is Distancia allows a free stopover on its routings and LP/GP does not. Unfortunately the Distancia booking people do not always know the rules for LP/GP tickets and this may be where the mistake was made. I do not know all the details so I am just speculating.

Do not get me wrong it is possible LP/GP made a mistake but without seeing your itinerary I do not know whose mistake it is. As for your friends ticket GP had to charge you the taxes when you made the reservation. They should be able to see it is a mistake and make some restitution. At the very least they should refund the taxes for a flight that was never ticketed. I believe you stated LP/GP gave you the ticket numbers to present to Distancia. If you have the two ticket numbers I am confused. If you could be more specific I am certain someone in this forum may be able to help you.

My wife and I were not always happy with the program but as we use up the last of our million miles we never regretted participating. The miles have taken us on Safari in Africa, Hilton transfers for trips to Australia. A vacation in Rome another to London. Trips to Costa Rica, Belize and Roatan; we will be using the last of our miles to go to Buenos Aires and Iguazu in December but will go back to Quito this summer. I could never complain!!!!!!!

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