Its all over with Hilton transfers

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Its all over with Hilton transfers

Went to the website do do my monthly GP to HHonors transfer, couldnt find my registered account , went to news and there it was, "effective April 30th no more transfers to Hilton" well I guess it was good while it lasted.
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As my kids would say, Dang!

Anyway, we knew they wanted to terminate Reward Exchange a long time ago, but Hilton blocked it. I guess the previous deal expired and they were finally able to stop bleeding money. Another possibilty is that Hilton pulled the plug for the same reason they terminated United. Let's hope it was GP and not Hilton because the latter would be a worse indication of GP's financial situation. I do give GP some credit for staying afloat this long.
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Interesting that GP will still be crediting Hilton stays. Its not an end to the partnership, just to the transfers.

I placed a request in with GP April 18th to transfer 10,000 HHpoints to GP. I wonder if this will go through?
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by dhacker:
Let's hope it was GP and not Hilton ....</font>
That'd be my hunch, as there is nothing on the HHonors website about it, so it seems to have been initiated without warning by GP, while UA was the opposite, appearing on the HH site with AA in the dark.
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Unbeknowst I requested a transfer of 30K miles to HH on 25 April. I expect those to still post. Sigh!
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Actually, don't recall: Was there any "advance" notice of this?
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Got a call this morning from LatinPass and they apologized for havingno advance notice. Still, all in all it's been a wonderful deal. I plan on using my last 240K miles for a couple of trips to South America.
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Just received a fax from GlobalPass on the Hilton change - darn it! I have 422,000 miles left in GlobalPass and am making sure I stay "active". Anyone have ideas?
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Transfer 10k points back into Hilton. This will reset your expiration clock on GlobalPass miles forward another 3 years.
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