GlobalPass or Privilegios?

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GlobalPass or Privilegios?

I had once thought that I would be using USAir, TWA, Avianca, Aces, and TACA equally when flying as an alternative to OnePass, when finding less expensive fares, and when flying within Colombia and to other parts of South America. That has turned out to not be the case. Instead, I'm flying Continental/Copa to South America (therefore accumulating OnePass Miles), and Avianca/Aces within Colombia.

My question has to do with GlobalPass. I'm currently crediting my Avianca flights to GlobalPass instead of their Privilegios program. Do you think that's smart? Should I keep some faith that GlobalPass will grow into something more useful, or should I just sign up for Privilegios, as those types of flights are going to continue in my life?

What would you do?
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My "feeling" is that GlobalPass will be around for some time. I believe they have already gone through the worst years and survived. This alliance has been gutted but to all of our amazement, it has proven to be resilient.

The recent move by GP to halt Hilton Honors transfers is a step in this same direction - the direction of keeping GP a viable programme for its members.

Your options for redemption are still pretty good with GP. Southern Winds airlines of Argentina, ARCO of Ecuador and soon Spririt Airlines of the USA are new additions to the programme. Yes, we lost US Air and TWA but this loss was due to "other" factors beyond GP control. The jewel of this alliance is of cource GrupoTaca and to a lesser extent KLM (due to linited availability of Awards).

Finally, it is nice to do business with a Latin American company that understands English. This is especially so if one does not know Spanish. For the above reasons, I will continue to support GlobalPass. This company has certainly been beneficial to me and my family.

I am currently posted in Japan, but if I ever end up in Latin America, you can bet that GlobalPass would be my #1 FF plan.

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Thank you, davistev, for your input. You make quite a strong argument.
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Another consideration, depending on how much you fly in a year is the value of elite status (if any) in any of the programs.
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