More Bad News on US Air

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More Bad News on US Air

Just got off the phone with the GlobalPass staff. Asked them about using US Airways to connect to a GP carrier to get to Costa Rica. (Web site announcement seems to indicate we can continue to use US through dec. 31, 2003).

They said that you could continue using US Airways for GP awards ONLY if you already had pre-existing award travel tickets. NO NEW US AIR awards will be issued, or award travel using US Air.

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LatinPass or GlobalPass breaks yet another frequent flyer precedent by not giving very much (if any) notice to their members about US Airways leaving their programme. What a shambolic way to run a company - especially one that has just been reinvented to become global!
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Attempting to use this turkey of a program is like trying to hit a moving target.

Goodbye TWA...goodvye National...goodbye USAirways.....

I'm guessing KLM is next to go bye-bye.

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LatinPass/Global pass has been a fabulous boon to me... 1 meeeelion miles and a fun one week trip with minimal investment. After that an award sale with 15k domestic awards and 35k tickets to Europe. This followed by 700,000 miles transferred to 1.4 million hotel points. An astonishing bonanza by any measure, and I don't hold LP/GP responsible for the demise of either TWA or National.

I say well done, thanks 'a million' to LP
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I'd really like to vent a bit on how disappointed I've been so far with LatinPass and the new and improved GlobalPass program. When Inside Flyer highlighted the million mile promotion in 2000, it said words to the effect that with KLM, TWA, and US Airways added in, one could potentially earn a lifetime's worth of free travel. Yeah, I know...

I joined LatinPass in order to participate in that promotion. I prefer that to the term mileage run, as I took two weeks to check out the member airlines and some of the destinations they serve. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, the airlines were great and Latin America far better and more interesting than I had expected.

In 2002, for the first time, I requested a reward ticket on KLM, the only LP airline I can patronize here in Korea. Reasonably expecting a reward ticket on partner KLM to be somewhat more difficult to obtain than on a Member airline to Latin America, I made my request five months in advance, gave lots of dates (basically all of September), and only requested Seoul-Amsterdam round-trip, a route I figured would not have a particularly high demand for reward seats. After weeks of waiting and many follow-up calls, I was told that KLM had rejected all of my requests, and further said that there were no reward seats available at all on this route in either Y or J, not just for September but also all of August and October, too! This despite many September dates open to WorldPerks members.

I later emailed Eileen Batton, in charge of customer service, and said that I felt it was somewhat dishonest of LatinPass to be promoting KLM as a redemption partner when the success rate of LP customers in securing a reward ticket was practically zero, that according to LP's own customer service reps I spoke to on the phone.

Fast forward to 2003 and the new GlobalPass program. Looking at my January, 2000 LatinPass Member Guide, I see Saeta, Aces, TWA, National Airlines, Copa, and US Airways, now all gone or going. I had pretty high expectations for GlobalPass and am so far very disappointed. The only new airlines to join are discount carrier Spirit and Icaro of Ecuador, which doesn't fly any international routes. It's been one month and the website still isn't fully functional. And it also appears that we won't be able to book rewards online, just submit an online request at least three weeks in advance of travel and wait for the paper tickets to be mailed out.

I knew in 2000 that my 500k bonus miles might be difficult to use under certain circumstances, but I had no idea of just how. On the other hand, though, I'm glad so many flyertalkers have had the chance to use their miles for return trips to Latin America. I'm still hoping my parents in Atlantic Canada will take a trip to the region this year, though that means driving eight hours to catch Taca out of Boston, as opposed to more convenient connections to Miami on US Airways. As a quick aside, when talking on the phone to my mom yesterday, she inquired about me meeting them in Latin America and the possibility of me using my miles to get there. I told her that in theory, yes it was possible, but in reality, no chance.

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