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cygone Aug 24, 05 1:05 pm

TACA will not honor Global Pass reservations for travel in 2006!
I spoke with a supervisor from TACA this morning and he advised me: no Global Pass reservations will be honored for next year, and all travel must be completed by December 31, 2005. The supervisors name was Richard and he advised me no reservations should have been made in June of 2005 for travel anytime in 2006. I advised Richard that this may very well be a very big problem and he advised me to have anyone who had a problem with this policy to speak with him directly.

Richard was extremely cooperative and supportive of our position, he implied he would do everything in his power to have TACA honor its commitments. He seemed surprised any reservations were issued for travel in 2006 but said he would welcome calls from people who were offered reservations in 2006 using Global Pass miles. If you have a reservation for 2006 you should contact Distancia and ask to speak with Richard about “Global Pass reservations for 2006” Please be respectful, remember you can catch more bees with honey!!!!!!!!! TACA phone number is 800-400-8222, talk to frequent flyer Distancia program.

milesrus Aug 25, 05 10:07 pm

if i have taca tickets already in my hand I assume they are good? These are for a missionary traveling to brazil in february

cygone Aug 26, 05 8:36 am


I think if you already have the ticket it would be very difficult to deny boarding. I would not be concerned too much if I had a ticket. What is interesting is it is TACA's position "reservations made in June for travel next year will not be honored" yet those already ticketed are honored and those not ticketed are not honored. Very inconsistant, but they realize this and still say they are working on the problem so hope still remains.

milesrus Aug 26, 05 6:26 pm

Here's my suggestion get tickets for late December then take the paper tickets to the airport and change the reservation I have done that twice no problem, probably can change out one year or so

Pudding Guy Aug 30, 05 6:10 pm

For a single trip, my friends and I made ticket request at three different times. The trip is to Cuzco in January 2006.

My best friend and I were the first to request tickets. We didn't pay the expedite fee because the GP agent said the tickets would go out the following week. We have ticket numbers, credit card was charged, but no tickets yet.

Our two other friends booked their tickets next. Paid the expedite fee and received their tickets a few days later.

Our last two friends put in their requests on June 27th. They got the letter, no cc charges, no ticket numbers, no communication from GP one way or the other since.

Now TACA won't honor reservations in 2006? Any guesses as to who in our party might actually make it to Cuzco?

vandykes44 Aug 30, 05 7:47 pm

One of my friends redeemed miles for 7 tickets to Panama for January 2006. She reserved them back in April of this year. The reservations are ticketed, taxes have been paid, but will the tickets be sent, and if sent, will they be honored?

davistev Sep 1, 05 11:40 am

I booked and had my credit card charged for 6 tickets for travel in Jan/Feb 2006. I have no intentions of travelling then, but planned on changing the dates to late May/ June 2006 travel.

Have I just be swindled?

At the time of booking, I was told the tickets would be valid till June 2006 and changes can be made to dates. Now . . . . .

AAaLot Sep 2, 05 2:02 pm

Originally Posted by davistev
I booked and had my credit card charged for 6 tickets for travel in Jan/Feb 2006. I have no intentions of travelling then, but planned on changing the dates to late May/ June 2006 travel.

Have I just be swindled?

At the time of booking, I was told the tickets would be valid till June 2006 and changes can be made to dates. Now . . . . .

Changes can me made subject to availability of GP award seats...availability just went to 0 :)

milesrus Sep 3, 05 10:57 am

i have changed tickets on Taca several times without any problems at the DFW airport

Djlawman Sep 6, 05 9:08 pm

GP response
GP just messaged me (in response to my question of whether I could get the tickets if I changed the dates from 2006 to sometime in 2005 before the end of this year). Told me if I could get award reservation changed to this year, they could ticket me.

So, gonna see if I can do something.

rhinochaser Sep 7, 05 2:13 pm

June 26th Cut-Off
I just spoke with GP and they informed me that June 26th was the cut-off date for having made reservations with TACA to be able to fly in 2006. (I wasn't paying attention to whether you had to make the reservation before June 26th or by June 26th, as mine were made slightly earlier than both dates.) One of my flights for May 2006 has been ticketed (I can see the ticket #'s on the GP award tracking website, and my CC was charged), but won't be sent out until closer to the trip. My other reservations have some small glitches regarding confusion over the date that the reservations were made, but I provided record locator information to GP prior to the cut-off date and the GP representative thought that she would be able to get it cleared-up and ticketed.

I'll keep everyone posted.

davistev Sep 8, 05 9:09 am

My award tickets for Jan/Feb 2006 travel were issued on June 23rd. Will I be able to change my travel dates to June 2006?

cygone Sep 9, 05 3:33 pm

Received this email today:

"Dear Mr. Cygone:( (Name and booking codes changed)

Sorry for the delay in contacting you, unfortunaly GP has permition only to issue the tickets for your reservation code xxxxx made on June 11th but not your reservation code yyyyyy made on June 27th.

My apologize for not been able to help you more with your case. Any further questions please contact GP for more information..

Sincerely yours,
Daniel Morales
Customer Service Center
Loyalty Programs

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So what does this mean: well for me it means GP will issue the two business class tickets too Bolivia I requested. I should explain my situation a little more clearly. I made my reservations originally on June 11th LAX – LPB, and made a date change to the reservation on June 27th ; instead of making a date change the agent created a whole new record on June 27th. Fortunately for me the old reservation of June 11th still exists and I was able to make a date change to it yesterday, and because it was made before June 26th a ticket for travel next year can be issued. This has been verified by both GP and Distancia.

What did I learn from this that may be of help to others:

1. It is Distancia that is enforcing the June 26th or 27th cut off; still not sure which day is valid cut off date.
2. Tickets for reservations in 2006 issued before, well let’s say June 25th for certain, can be changed.
3. Information I posted (TACA not honoring reservations next year is wrong) this was told to me by a supervisor from TACA but that information is incorrect. Distancia has clarified position only reservations made after June 26th will not be honored.

If you are one of the people that made a reservation after June 26th I still believe what TACA is doing is clearly wrong. If you told a TACA reservation agent you would be using GP miles and the agent made a reservation for travel next year you should have a valid reservation.

davistev Sep 10, 05 8:41 am

Thanks Cygone for the info. It looks like I should be okay for ticket changes on my Jan/Feb tickets for June 2006 travel as they were issued June 23rd (although I have not received them yet).

tfjim Sep 22, 05 3:32 pm

I am in the situation where the reservations were made after June 26th for travel in 2006. I called Globalpass yesterday and Marissa restated the above comments about no tickets in 2006 for me. LOL. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I called TACA and changed all my reservations to October/November dates with the intention of changing them with TACA directly. I know there has been some talk of this, but before I plunk down the cash for the taxes and expedite fees I just wanted to confirm with a few of you that this should workout. Most of the hassle will be getting to Chicago at some point to change the tickets and then hoping that dates are available in 2006 close to what I had previously.

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