35 day TACA Award Window

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35 day TACA Award Window

Well, with award reservations made in late June at TACA, whose reservations will be held for 35 days (or roughly early August for me), I am wondering what other people are considering doing to keep the award reservation alive if they don't have the tickets by then. And since my reservation is not until Feb. of 2006, I don't expect to be in the front of the line because of quickly upcoming trip (like others who have been posting).

So, what do others think about how to proceed? Will TACA extend our 35-day reservations? Make another? will GlobalPass agree to ticket a new one if the old one expired (because GP did not ticket it in time)?

Thoughts? Strategy?
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It was less than 35 days when mine expired, so YMMV, but I only needed to call Taca to have them reinstate it. They used the same record locator and GP had no apparent problem ticketing it once they got to it. Based on this limited experience, I'd just keep checking the rez on checkmytrip and call Taca if it disappears and also call Taca anyway every so often (2-3 weeks?) and tell them that GP has not gotten to your tickets yet and could they please extend it. This is what I plan to do to try to preserve my remaining reservations for November.
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Have you asked them to change the tixing deadline to something like 30 days before travel? The agents I spoke with had no probs doing this, esp after explaining the GP situation.
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On July 5th, I was concerned about this issue so I called TACA for my 9 reservations. They told me that they had changed policy on June 30th so that all award reservation requests were to be held up to the day prior to departure. They had gone back and automatically updated everyone's reservations even if they were made prior to June 30th.

Being the "check twice" type of guy I am, I asked them to go through my 9 reservations made in June and verify this was true. On 8 of my reservations, they had extended them exactly as they had told me. The 9th had cancelled though. They just asked me to tell them what it was and they reinstated it under the same record locator--just as described above.

So....85% chance if you do nothing that it will be OK, but I would still call TACA and double check. I had a "bad" extend and at least one other person did above too. The good news is that you can reinstate in the same record locator if you find a problem.
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