KLM award availability

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KLM award availability

Is there any way possible of obtaining KL mileage awards from USA to anywhere in the world aside from AMS? If so, how do I go about finding possible destinations and award seats?
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Go to nwa.com award availability.

From there try to book a usa-ams and then ams-jnb, for example. Be sure to select klm as your carrier of choice from the drop down menu. In the highly unlikely event that you should find something at standard levels 'all around,' call the very polite, friendly, and courteous folks at SLEAZY PASS to 'place ur order.' They will e-mail klm (so they say) and u can call them back in 24 to 48 hours. Then, when you call back, a very courteous young lady will likely tell you that (despite all your work) the flights are not available. 'Is there anything ELSE that I can do for you today?,' the nice young lady will respond in a very pronounced, but exotic Spanish accent. 'Anything ELSE at all.' 'Well, thank's for calling SP then, senor,' is the perfectly polite response that typically ends the call.

(This back door nwa availability approach is really about the only way to get an idea of potential availability... at least in this way, you're not totally blind in dealing w SLEAZY PASS klm submissions).

Wanna select new dates and spin the wheel again? The very sweet, nice, and courteous young lady will take ur order again - right then and there, if you want! Oh and then in 24 to 48, and you can play again. And again and again and again. And you can use their 1-800-number 4free, too. And a 4free phone number is a good thing, doncha think, especially when ya can't fly klm 4free... even if you have 600+K miles in your account?

But FWIW, my bet is on the house. The odds, reported here in this Forum, are that you are gonna loose at this game if klm is involved!

So are we understanding the SLEAZY PASS klm booking proceedure better now...? Good, I hope so, cos it's best that it's perfectly clear.

FWIW, I have used the nwa.com booking site time and time and time and time and time and time again. Mebbe for 3 years or so now. And I have NEVER been able to find a combo of 4 outbound and return segs in BC on dates that worked for me. Ever. Never. Get my drift? Not to JNB. Not to BKK. Not to SEL, TPE or HKG either. And there never seems to be anything in J to CAI or ATH.

J availability seems to improve if you check it for last minute seats - like within 7-10 days of departure. But if the return goes more than 'the 10 day out' stretch I just mentioned, availability nose dives back to normal SLEAZY PASS inventory (D0) .

But don't feel discouraged, because on vary rare occassions, someone here does report a BC booking success. I personally have no interest in flying half way around the world in Y via AMS. So mebbe if you're hunting Y, YMMV.

Have you seen the new award levels that SLEAZY PASS is now asking for USA-EURO? 100K in Y. 160K in J. Oh, and no advance warning was given about the increases - that I am aware of, anyway. At least I didn't receive anything. LOL!

NOW that's just CLASSIC SLEAZE - errr SLEAZY PASS 4ya!

I seem to rember soooo many other SLEAZY 'no warnings' too. Hilton comes to mind first...

And then there was...

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Its not all that bad!

Just to balance out the thread - I have had the following redeemed by GP on KLM

2 C Class tickets Japan to UK
2 C Class tickets Canada to UK
2 Y Class tickets UK to Finland

Plus tickets on Taca, Aeropostal and Avianca.

Availability is limited and GP is a small partner with a small alotment. KLM probably does not feed a whole lot of traffic into Taca (Although I once mentioned that Miami would have been a great base for this - pre 911 days).

Good Luck
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It's NOT all that bad...???

Dave, you might want to look at the KLM award level changes closely. Some awards appear to have increased five fold. Since SP doesn't post a KLM award chart it's hard to tell exactly cos you have to look up every citypair.

The worse offender, for example, appears to be BKK-TPE - was 20K RT in Y. According to the SP website, it's now 100K!

We need to check w SLEAZY PASS to see if there are website errors.

Originally Posted by davistev
... and Avianca.
And to further balance: this carrier is no longer an option for you.

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Avianca left GP after they got out of Bankrupcy. You cant fault GP for that.

I still have over 400,000 miles left, was sorry to see Avianca go as I used them as much as I was able, 767 out of JFK and a real Biz class section and seat.

barring that I still have no regrets at all, I had friends who had a ton of TW miles then AA took them over and stopped flying into their hometown (and Country). tghere went the non-stops and now they had Only BA and it was just as easy to get a BA tkt as a KLM tkt. Then they had to switch to AA at LHR, hassles different Terms etc etc. or they could fly on IB and no real Biz section or seats.

I love everyone who complains about the price of gas, Well who says to drive a SUV or a car with a 2 Liter engine or more, Oh we want our comforts. Heck in Europe just got back they would kiss the gas station worker if they sold gas at $2.50 a gal its more like $5 a gal.

My point is is it better if KLM left as Avianca did? And remember that not many were able to get tkts anyway at the lower miles rate. What good is it if GP says All KLM tkts will be 25,000 in Biz Class if you cant book it.
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Is there any way to verify that GP has actually sent the request to KL ????
I would want to see verification that the request was sent and denied , especially if there is availability via NWA or other partners.
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Good question. Not that I know of. Dealing w SP is just done w blind faith. I doubt that they would copy you on the e's.
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Appreciate the update regarding the increase in mileage for KLM award tickets. WOW. Have to say it's been an amazing ride even with the crazy changes with no advance warning.
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