Super awards not Super for Bonus Babies!

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Super awards not Super for Bonus Babies!

For those of you who participated in the Million mile or half million mile promotion a few years ago and still have miles left, I just was informed of another clarification in the program today. This one is actually a little humorous and the LP representative admitted would cause some customers to not use its program as frequently.

Super Awards are not really available to those of us with bonus miles, well they could be but.. (remember Catch 22)

You need 50% of the miles for a Super award to come from recent activity but if you have requested a award ticket on a participating airline TACA, LACSA, KLM etc. you can not use a Super Award because GP takes all miles from recent activity first.

To clarify please follow the example: Assume you still have 200,000 left from the original million mile promotion and you have another 30,000 miles of recently deposited miles from flying participating airlines, car rentals, on line mall etc, a total of 230,000 miles. If you utilize an award ticket on a participating provider airline (TACA et all) you would not be able to use a super award because any award of over 30,000 miles would use the most recent accumulated miles first.

Using the same example if you had recently acquired 30,000 miles in actual program mileage, not used a award ticket with Taca etc. you would be eligible to spend 60,000 miles on super awards.

The moral is if you want a Super award do not ask for a regular award first. The Super awards are kind of a controversial issue anyway because they are so costly in points they have little value but I just thought this was kind of funny.

Check your account! My wifes account showed 56,000 miles available for Super Awards yesterday and it now show 100 miles.

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