Forced Downgrade and Poor Customer Service

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Angry Forced Downgrade and Poor Customer Service

We are from Boston. Recently we bought LATAM business class tickets SCL-IPC (Easter Island) and got row 3 seating assigned.

When we checked in at SCL, we were told that there was no seat for us due to down gauge of 787 to 767 . The check in agent blamed that we didn't check in online to get boarding pass ?! In the end, we only got coach seats since we already paid non-refundable hotel cost at Easter Island.

LATAM never informed us this in advance and the agent at SCL wasn't much helpful. He said that the compensation was $300 voucher or $150 cash and refused to increase this amount.

This is my first time flying LATAM. What recourse do we have? What are the rules or laws governing involuntary downgrade?

Could any veteran flyers of this airline offer some insights?
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You might have found out earlier, but what would you have done? Cancelled your trip? As there were no longer enough seats, you had been displaced.

When you get home, you will need to look at your ticket pricing. It may well be that the F-Y differential for that segment does not come out to much and thus the $150 is what is due. On the other hand, you are due a refund of the fare difference and it may be a lot more. So, it's all an arithmetic calculation and it may be that the $150 is a simple customer service gesture in addition to the refund (not compensation).
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They can not blame you for the problem with the change of planes, if the 767 was a 30 seats in J one they will leave the 30 seats open for flyers and not 2 taken crew rest on this route, so you will have the same capacity in J has the 787......... If they put a 18 seat 767 that is the problem of Latam.

150 USD for that route is crazy, i have gotten 250 usd vouchers (or 125 cash) for a Y+ to Y change in a short fly to Lima, this fly is quitte longer and the price diference is higger, go to the call center and ask for more..... Try to check if someone got upgraded on that fly also, since you can complain for that also (how can someone get upgraded if your pay ticket was used)

If you dont get what you want an you speak spanish, go to SERNAC.CL and make a clain there, that is the Chilean Goberment website for costumer suport from all the companys operated in Chile.
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I found myself in the same position and was given the same option at check-in. However the travel voucher that they sent me was only for $300. No alternative cash value as had been promised

I decided to use the voucher rather than argue but now I'm hitting a brick wall with LATAM after I used it. See the thread I started "Problems using LATAM travel voucher".

There was nothing I could do about the downgrade, it was a case of fly or nothing. Sometimes .... happens, but when it does the least one expects is to be treated fairly and honestly.
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