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A few bumps and the FAs sit

Yesterday I was in Business, EZE to SCL. For the first half of the flt it was fairly bumpy. Normally I fly AA and I suspect the FAs would have worked about half of that time. However, on LAN that sat through the entire flight even though the last half was smooth. They cancelled meal and beverage service. Just wondering if that is LAN company policy or perhaps the FAs have a union policy. I certainly don{t want anyone hurt, but I really believe they could have managed a quick service.
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LAN, especially LAN Chile usually doesn't have the seatbelt sign on very often. (A recent Lan Peru flight was far the exception.) And the company policy is generally it is safe for everyone to be up, or no one. If the seatbelt sign is on, then the crew is supposed to be seated.

What you probably were not aware of is the crossing over the Cordillera (Andes) is a mandatory seatbelt item on all of their flights. Service leaving SCL (to EZE) doesn't even start until you are in Argentina. Most of my Cordillera crossings are quite smooth, but I'd expect that there is a real risk of severe clear air turbulence. (The way the thunderclouds build up during the day looking east from Santiago is impressive.)

It is possible that by the time the captain deemed it safe, there was not going to be enough remaining pre-Cordillera time for the service.

I fly the route at least twice a year and have never had the unfortunate situation you just had.
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Can I offer an alternative suggestion?

LAN FAs are not very good at standing up if there is a bit of turbulence. LIM BOG which is largely cordillera is always a little bit bumpy. I flew it 2 weeks ago and each time there was the slightest bit of turbulence the FA fell over and dropped something then laughed about it.

She was a brilliant FA, super attentive and not overbearingly so. I think she was the head honcho as she did all the announcements too. But bless her, she couldn't stay upright.
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Funny how our experiences vary. Fly LP domestic a lot, so short flights. Often there is a little turbulence, not severe, partway into snack service. Pilot turns the seatbelt sign on. Ding, ding. FA finishes the row she was doing then wanders to the front to push the button for the recorded announcement and then returns to serving the drinks. Never had them stop or miss the service on these short LP flights.
And sadly never had a FA fall for me, like they do for JohnnyC.
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Were they LAN Argentina crew? That might explain it.
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