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BabyBearNewYork Nov 5, 19 11:36 am

Fare classes, baggage allowance and seat selection
Hi, we are starting to plan for a Taiwan-South Korea trip for next May. We have two flights TPE-PUS and PUS-GMP that we are thinking of booking on Korean Air and had a couple of questions:

For TPE-PUS, they are offering discounted fares in the U bucket. They are clear you get 70% mileage but do you still get one free bag? And can you select your seat? Or do you have to go to a higher fare category to do that?

For PUS-GMP, I see that for dummy bookings in Dec, they are offering crazy cheap Hot fares (N class) as low as 40,500 KRW, which is amazing. They note no mileage accrual but do we still get a free bag each of 20 kgs? And how about seat selection? Are there typically lots of seats at the time of OLCI?

Finally, when would you suggest we book these flights, ie., how far out? I was thinking of booking our international flights in January or February but should we wait to book these other flights?


HawaiiO Nov 5, 19 3:28 pm

U bucket for International gives you 100% miles in KE Skypass program.
You can select seats when u book U fares i believe.

Domestic N fare gives 0%
Probably cant select seats for N fare.

Yes usually a lot of seats at OLCI at 24 hr mark or 3 day mark.
You can also consider the KTX train from Busan to Seoul.

For bags
Int within Asia, seems like u get one 23kg checkin bag free.
Domestic is free 20kg bag.
Have to pay for additional bags.

BabyBearNewYork Nov 5, 19 9:33 pm

Thanks so much for the info. So it seems that for TPE-BUS, the cheapest U fare is perfect as we get the seat selection in addition to the 100% mileage and a bag each.

For the domestic flight PUS-GMP, thanks for confirming about the bag being included. It just seems like such a cheap fare that I wasn't sure if it was like Basic Economy in the US, where no bags are included. KE seems a lot better as it includes one bag! We won't get miles but wouldn't get a lot on a 55 minute flight anyways.

Finally- for domestic flights, how far in advance should we book? 30-60 days out?

mikesaidyes Nov 8, 19 9:44 pm

The website should tell you all of this if you click on Fare Rules and Conditions - pretty easily spelled out everything. Domestic flights - you won't get cheaper than 40,000W on Korean Air as a "full service" airline. A KTX train is 60,000W for reference. Cheaper airlines like Jeju Air and others will be just barely 20,000W sometimes on super sales.

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