Korean award hold rules


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Korean award hold rules

For the first time ever I put two Korean one-way awards for August 2017 on hold today and of course I have some questions regarding this procedure:

- Both of my trips are on hold until Feb 9 but I would have wished they would allow me a bit longer. Can I extend the hold come February or do another 30 day hold into March?
- For one of the flights I'm waitlisted since only one biz seat shows available. What are the odds of a second seat opening up until Feb 9 or anytime in 2017?
- If my transpacific flight is operated by Korean am I allowed to potentially add a domestic Delta leg as the last leg to my final destination in a one-way booking?

If anyone has experience with their hold procedure, help would be appreciated.
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I can address question 1 & 3. I don't know about waitlists on KE. For the hold, when there about a week left call and kindly ask for an extension. They'll give you another month. With Korean they use a different award chart for KE metal and partner metal. So adding a DL leg will cost a lot more miles.
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for a KE metal award, is there a way to do a hold online, or only by phone?
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I've tried but haven't figured out a way to do so online. It's easy by phone though. They don't have long wait times. Also they'll tell you that you can only ticket by phone and require a form be faxed in. Not true. You can very easily ticket the reservation online once they've put it on hold for you.
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For KE-metal online, there are two buttons "Pay Now" and "Pay Later". I'm assuming "Pay Later" is the hold option.
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In order to use the Pay Later feature they still require you to have the full amount of miles in your account. For most of us that put these tickets on hold it's because we need to wait for the transfers to go through.
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