Multi-Segment Booking ~ Gone or Glitched?


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Question Multi-Segment Booking ~ Gone or Glitched?


Just noticed that the multi-segment booking function now seems to be down on the KLM site. It says you need to call the call center to make this booking now... is this a permanent move from KLM or is this just a technical glitch like other well known parts of their website?

Love the English version of their alert to the new change...

"Return flights, one way flights or a flight from and/or to a different destination can be booked online. For a ticket to more than 1 destination, please call KLM Telephone Reservations." ...

So it CAN be done online but if you want to do it you need to call the telephone reservation desk

If KLM have removed this it is a step back in their user interface, so I hope it is just a glitch for the time being.

Anyone else noticed?
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Everytime I tried to do a multi-city booking using the KL website, the only options were B and S fares. Thanks, but no thanks.

I remember trying to force a longer layover in AMS (but under 24h so not a stopover) and the website acted retarded. Travel agents can do this easily though, and without stupid booking frees.
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Originally Posted by florin View Post
the website acted retarded.
That comment is funny in a non-politically-correct way!!! Great call Florin
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I seem to remember that they changed the website months ago to this... i guess we were still shouting at the April changes to notice this one.

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It works on both the US and the French site of KLM. You enter your first segment, then under your first destination you click "Return from/to a different destination". You only get the "can be booked" message when you click "Multiple destinations" at the top of the page. The link doesn't actually produce a screen for multiple destinations until you've entered the first segment.

However, using the KLM site for this sort of search does limit your choices. You might want to use a site like Orbitz for complex itineraries. They offer many more tools for tweaking tickets, across an alliance, segment by segment, matching tickets from different airlines not in the same alliance. You could for example pick KLM as your prefered airline, then see what the alternatives are, by schedule, airline and so forth.
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Well it used to work a couple days ago... I was using it to price up some flights.. and well.. now its dead... taking *A anyways now... but not the point of the original question...
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I think it is now by telephone only.

From the 'Ask your question here' section:
How do I book multiple destinations ?
If you wish to fly to more than one place on your trip (multiple destinations), we are happy to help making your reservation by telephone.
If you want to book a return flight from and/or back to a different destination, you can make a reservation on our website.

When you click 'Multiple Destinations' on the home page the message has changed (in the past ten minutes). It now reads:
Do you wish to book a ticket to more than 1 destination? Please contact KLM Telephone Reservations.

Out of interest, the AF site still allows multiple destinations to be booked online.
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The old multi-city booking tool was replaced some months ago by something that allows you to return to or from a different place (i.e., fly A-B, C-A or A-B, B-C) but that does not allow you to book multiple destinations in the true sense. It works fine if you want to book an open jaw ticket (and will give you the same fares that you would pay for a simple A-B-A return), but doesn't allow you to do anything more sophisticated... and neither will it allow you to force longer lay-overs (an option which no longer exists on the KLM web site at all).

I have sometimes managed to get round the problem by using Opodo or Expedia, but their booking tools are quite erratic and won't always do what they are supposed to do
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I use
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