KL4103 vs KL807

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KL4103 vs KL807

I would like to know from experienced trvellers on the AMS KUL route which of the two above flights (KL4103, KL807) is more full?
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Both run very full in my experience.

The MH operated flight feeds all of KLM's traffic to Oceania from KUL, and has been completely full every time I have flown it.

KL807 isn't marketed by MH for its specials to Australia, but is nonetheless hard to get on because it goes on to MNL, which tends to do well, and is IIRC a 744 Combi.

If flying in economy, I would prefer the KL flight as an elite (for a quiet flight in the select seating area), and the MH flight as a non-elite (KL status does nothing on MH, but the seats and food are superior), making sure to not be seated in the center 5 seat section.

MH's much-vaunted service isn't at its best in eco on this route, which always seems to get a mostly-male, not-too-polished, if hardworking crew. I also prefer KLM's later departure.

In business, I would opt for KLM, due to seat pitch and layout (2-2 @60" on KL's 744, 2-3-2 @50" on MH's 772). This will change next year with MH's new seats, though.
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The last time I flew AMS-KUL it was MH and a 777!. All 744's now I believe ?. It was very quiet (October 2001 so no surprise) and the two of us had 4 seats each if I remember.

I disagree with flying KL instead of MH in Y. While the select seating is a little better than the rest of the cabin it's nothing special. Maybe worth it for 9C or 11DE. IMHO the personal seat-back TV and 34' legroom with MH wins every time.
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Given normal circumstances, I would pick MH's excellent seat and food any day.

However, my last MH flight in Y on this route went as follows:
- had a confirmed booking, with a request for aisle seat
- got waitlisted, was told my booking was a mistake
- ended up in an 'E' seat on a 2-5-2 772
- seatmate in middle-of-5 'F' seat was indisposed and went to the toilet about 20 times during the flight. As I was friendly she opted to step over me every time
- the main cabin was full of amateur flyers who kept the noise level up throughout; the long daylight hours didn't help. This is a recurring theme on flights to SE Asia, and one I try my best to avoid.
- the many babies contributed as well

KLM elite status gives me much better odds of having a restful flight on a KL 744. Different priorities for different people...

For those flying on an MH 772, my notes indicate there is an electronics box under seats E and K in economy, eating into leg room. Didn't check for A/C seats.

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moanhos - I take your point(s) !!!.

Interested to see you were also on a 777. I see the MH aircraft in AMS regularly (I think it's there for about 5 hours a day)and it always seems to be a 744. Do they still sometimes use a 777 ?.

I cannot understand why KL elite status seems to hold little or no sway with MH bearing in mind how important they are to each other. S.E. Asia and Australasia are vast markets and MH are KL's only way of getting their pax around the area and v-v for MH's European pax.

Having said that I'm an Enrich member and that's pretty useless so it shouldn't be a surprise.
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