Nice service in YUL-AMS

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Nice service in YUL-AMS

Back to Europe last monday on a flight YUL-AMS. After a week-end budget session, I was expecting nothing but the best sleep possible. The MD11 presented few pax, less than 100 anyway. But they were sprayed all along the different rows. I had reserved the 10 H seat, aisle seat right behind the business enabling plenty of leg room below the biz curtain. What is surely one of the best seat when aircraft is full is less pleasant when empty, since this row has fixed arms and you can't take profit of the seats close to you, even empty.
I wanted to browse to an empty row at door closing, but was stopped by the purser asking us to do this only after belt signal. So did I, to realize that all rows were taken, with few people but nothing free. I went back to my seat, and then a junior purser arrived to me and asked "are you happy with this seat Mr Pinkcity ? " "Well, I'll handle, I didn't find any row..." "OK, let me check what I can do" ; three minutes after, the lady was back and said : "OK, if four seats in the 18 row are nice for you"... Nice ? All the central row ? That's actually better than an upgrde...

I moved there, began to lie... "Anything more that I can do for you?" "Well, thank you so much, just a scotch, and not waking me up for dinner, I'll skip". The scotch came right away, quite liberally served, and well before serving drinks to other pax. I had over four hours of goog sleeping.

Thanks to this purser. In this case, you feel again a greated customer... And I enjoy changing a little of the pissed-off posts, including sometimes mine...

Btw, I wanted to notice that upgrades in YUL are beginning to make this airport well better and pleasant ; I'm not mad of the new lounge, though...

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