YUL/AMS last night...

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YUL/AMS last night...

On my way back from north America. A number of changes in YUL have been completed for the international departures, was not the case for my last trip in early december... The area for boarding the long haul flights is now clear, large and pleasant.

Spent some time in AF lounge ; wanted to check if short-cuts to FT were installed in this one (read nothing about YUL in the concerned thread, but I didn't read all...) : one of them was taken by a guy who spent over an hour on it, the other was down ; this led me to a funny question : I feel that really the number of Macs not working in AF lounges seems pretty high : does this mean that Macs have really a solidity problem, or that AF personal have poor skills to maintain them ? Knowing the number of Mac's fans and AF contempters on this board, I expect passionated/bad faith replies Sorry, I love polemics

Flight was nearly empty, between one third and half, reminding the bad days of late 2001 ; the good thing was that there were plenty of empty seats. Upon buying the ticket, I reserved the seat 11B (Aircraft MD 11). At Internet check in, I saw that the 3 seat row 11G and following was empty, thus I took a chance on it... and it remained empty at boarding.
Just before taking off, a purser arrived close to me and said : "hi Mr Pinkcity, are you finally seated there ? Yes, I changed to get the row. I understand, and do you want the central one ? (It was also empty, and of 4 seats). Actually, I'm not so tall (1,71 m) and I sleep pretty well on a three row seat ; I left this to taller people... But I enjoyed the question. When I see pax complaining they are not called by their names in C... well, it arrives sometimes in Y... Serving me the drink, she asked me instructions for waking me up for the meals (please no...) and respected it... but left the breakfast on one of my seats anyway...Nice

Can't say a lot on the flight : just took a drink arranged pillows and blankers, and sleeped like a baby since the landing procedures.

I'm currently in Schengen lounge, who seems also very quiet. Are we in a low period ?
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