Help/Comments appreciated re missing miles

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Help/Comments appreciated re missing miles

I have some mile that failed to post. Can anyone help as to why this may be? Is this common for miles to fail to post?
Rather than explain it all I'll let you have the letter of complaint with all the details. Any insight would be appreciated.


Dear KLM,

I am writing in the hope that you could explain a matter regarding the eligibility of flights for Flying Dutchman points. I am disappointed that this is yet another issue with KLM that I have had to raise in writing or via the help line.

I flew from Teesside (MME) to Tucson (TUS) on 10th January 2004, returning on 16th January 2004. The final leg of the flight was on KL8640, with the return on KL8864, operated by Continental Airlines. The KL numbers and the fact that the flights were operated by Continental Airlines was confirmed in the itinerary printed out by the KLM desk at Teesside. I enclose a copy.

The miles for the final legs did not automatically post to my account. Following your procedures I posted and then faxed copies of the boarding passes (copy enclosed). I received yesterday a brief note stating that the flights were not eligible for points. No explanation or reference to terms and conditions was offered.

I checked your website. It states

Earning and spending Miles
You can earn and/or spend Miles on all scheduled flights operated by Continental Airlines.

I telephoned the help desk today. Your excellent representative was very helpful, but was unable to offer an explanation and could not locate any terms and conditions that would explain this response. She did offer that the class of booking could have been a problem, but had no references (I would point out that this economy ticket was in class B and cost Euros 2500 and if it isnít eligible for miles then I would struggle to understand which class of ticket would be). I can find no reference in your terms and conditions to which classes are or are not eligible for points.

She then stated that the flight might have been operated by Continental Express and therefore not eligible for miles. She was not able to locate any terms and conditions to back this up. If this is indeed the case I would point out that your own documentation printed out from MME has the airline as Continental Airlines and that the flight carries a KLM number. I had no way of determining that the flight was anything other than fully eligible at the time of booking and at the time of boarding.

If the purpose of the FD programme is to incentivise me to fly KLM then KLM must follow through on its commitments and make it absolutely clear, at the time of booking, that a flight is or is not eligible for points. In this case I can see no reason why these points have not posted and fully expect this matter to be remedied quickly and to my satisfaction.
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I can see no reason why those flights should be inelegible for miles credit.

I hope that KLM can sort this out quickly with your above letter adressing the issues.
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1. You are fully entitled to your miles; you should be credited them.
2. Lazy call agents assume the system is always right; saves them time sorting stuff out. When they realize they might be wrong they will not admit it to the customer and they will try to wurm themselves out of any sensible discussion.
3. That's why I'm currently *-flyer
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I have had Continental Express flights credited in the past (automatically), so unless things have changed very recently you should be entitled to miles.

There are some CO-coded flights which are not eligible, but they are operated by another commuter carrier, not Continental Express (can't remember the name now - but I know they operate flights to Key West)
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I've had M class miles credited on COA last year without problems...

Trying to get credit for KLM/NWA miles flown since Oct '03 however on flight I upgraded my tickets on is a completely different matter!
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