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b12e Aug 11, 22 7:27 am

Originally Posted by dubistokay (Post 34505606)
I've succumbed to paranoia and booked an overnight stay at the airside AMS Yotel before a 7am HV departure next week. Question to this forum - is security open 24/7? Ie, can I show up at the airport at midnight?

I'm not entirely sure, ie I never tried.

But since there's several flights departing at 11pm and 5am, I could imagine it being 24/7, although with only 1 security checkpoint open during the quiet hours. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

Edit: and of course there's arrivals middle of the night, with transfer pax, people who potentially want to go out at night and back in.

GUWonder Aug 11, 22 8:21 am

Originally Posted by (Post 34505545)
Hmm, is there that much *A presence in NS? I don't actually know... on Schengen side, it's quite heavy between LH group, LO and TP...

Egyptair, EVA, Singapore, Turkish and United, at least historically. At least SQ used to have some kind of special lounge arrangement at AMS.

And Thai used to fly from AMS too.

United even flies to more cities out of AMS than BA/LondonAir flies out of AMS.

CyBeR Aug 11, 22 9:12 am

Originally Posted by GUWonder (Post 34505805)
United even flies to more cities out of AMS than BA/LondonAir flies out of AMS.

IIRC the best airline to fly between UK cities with is in fact KLM.

johan rebel Aug 11, 22 9:27 am

Originally Posted by GUWonder (Post 34505805)
At least SQ used to have some kind of special lounge arrangement at AMS.

No used to have, they do have, as readers of the KLM forum will know.


GUWonder Aug 11, 22 9:48 am

Originally Posted by CyBeR (Post 34505951)
IIRC the best airline to fly between UK cities with is in fact KLM.

Dealing with UK passport control and customs more than minimally necessary is something I consider an invitation to experience more messes than necessary, and so KL isnít the best airline for me to fly between UK cities.

KL serves more UK cities with non-stop connections to AMS than BA, and KL is a boon to getting out of the UK without dealing with LHR. But KL serving more UK cities with service to AMS is not hard to do, given that BA is at heart LondonAir when it comes to its (BAís) international service to continental Europe and much of the rest of the world.

irishguy28 Aug 11, 22 10:47 am

The thread is sprawling about we get back on topic?

Brendan88 Aug 11, 22 4:08 pm

My experience today for a 7pm flight to LHR. Privium P1 parking was closed. In the lounge they did not know why.
Arrived 1hour and 25 minutes before departure.
No lines in both priority and economy security. Not many bags when to secondary both of mine did, which I expected as I had an electric motor weighing 10kg in one. Made both the security staff move closer to the screen for a better look and they asked what it was. Quick swab and I was fine. Second bag did not get a check and was approved immediately. Passport check had no lines. Was through within 5 minutes.
Privium lounge was quiet, only a hand full of people.
Arriving in LHR the area around the luggage belts looked like AMS. Lots of bags and strollers left behind.

malmostoso Aug 12, 22 12:28 am

Schiphol will compensate travellers who missed their flight due to the long security queues.

BA850 Aug 12, 22 1:43 am

At the risk of damning with faint praise, thatís a lot more than Heathrow would ever commit to (see the BA forum for many a tale of woe caused by HALís ineptitude).

HadesNL Aug 12, 22 1:56 am

malmostoso : thank you for this interesting news:
Source : Volkskrant

My rough translation for readers:

What's not eligable for compensation:
- cancelled flights (airlines are responsible)
- cancelled accomodation (Schiphol finds there could be other reasons)

What will be compensated:
- flight changes / replacements
- incurred cost travelling back to the airport
- incurred costs staying at/near the airport awaiting the next flight
- lost incurred due to non-refundable stays / transport / activities

Valid : those travelling from AMS 23 April - 11 augustus
those travelling from EIN 23 Mei - 11 augustus

* Dick Benschop personally dedicated to help passengers whom are stuck between Scyalla & Charybdis
: desperate situations:

It is going to be an interesting summer & autumn !
I bet Schiphol will use the trick that persons should first claim through travel insurance (if having one)
and only if they deny will Schiphol cough up dough.....

I am going watch Max Vakantieman weekly !

EDIT: picked up by public news:
Schiphol will only compensate
if travel insurance or airlines refuse/deny to do so first

meaning : you have to jump a lot of administrative hoops beforehand
(getting proof of compensation denials by insurance and airliners)
before knocking on Schiphol's door for compensation

Didymis Aug 12, 22 4:35 am

Data point for Departures 1-2 August 11: arrival at Plaza around 7:30 AM. Sky Priority check-in area: no lines. Priority security got directed left, there were about 20-30 people in line. The line moved fast. In Lounge 25 around 7:55 AM.

Data point for S-NS transfer Augustus 12: almost all the automated passport machines were working, there was no line for eligible pasport holder. The line for other passports snaked around a couple times, filled about half way. There were about four KMar personnel checking passports.

HadesNL Aug 12, 22 8:28 am

The link for compensation is now active:

submit your request by 30 September 2022 at the latest

And more details:

proof of evidence needed:

Good luck everyone !

malmostoso Aug 12, 22 9:16 am

I love the "proof you were at the airport on time" bit. Should have taken those selfies for angry tweets after all!

mpkz Aug 12, 22 1:48 pm

No line at 1950 today in T1 prio and non-prio. Bags avoided secondary too.

Brendan88 Aug 12, 22 4:50 pm

This evening at 23:00 NS arrivals hall was empty and I literally saw the mice hanging out at the Heineken bar.
Passport check at arrivals 2 was packed to the stairs/escalator. Pushed my way through to Privium, great feeling that is.

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