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bakersdozen Jul 12, 22 10:12 pm

Thanks for the update. Have been wondering what the situation was like that early in the AM.

Originally Posted by hi55us (Post 34419104)
Flight yesterday out of AMS on KLM. Sky Priority Biz Class on KLM and things went quite well. We had the 9:45am departure, showed up at 5:45 and there was only about a 20 minute wait to check bags in the SP line. Baggage checkpoints 10-12 funneled right into the priority security line, which took about 30 minutes to get through when including passport control. All in we where at Lounge 52 after about an hour and I'm glad I didn't change our ticket to another airport after scoring this ticket for only 55k Flying Blue miles.

HadesNL Jul 12, 22 10:29 pm

Datapoint Tue 12 July T3
Got these pictures sent from pals departing together but on travelling seperate flights,
1 on Easyjet
1 on Turkish Airlines

This is what they sent me at 17.30 at T3 on Tuesday 12 July
They came by train and arrived on Schiphol Plaza
The travellators going from arrivals T3 to departures T3
Nothing wrong so far
But when they came upstairs they saw this queue
And yes this is the queue for easyjet and to reach M-gates security
And the easyjet + M-gates queue continued onwards to the middle of T3
Further down T3 at the main area of checkin,
it wasn't busy but you can see the upstairs queue for economy security

You can see in the middle section the queue for the Korean Airlines queue for Seoul Incheon
The other friend found already some people waiting for Turkish Airlines checkin counters which where yet to open
Fortunately he was travelling in business class as the economy security access was just being roped off and people instructed to go to T2 economy security ...... there was some ruckus as priority passengers where still allowed to access T3 security

HadesNL Jul 12, 22 10:40 pm

This doesn't give much hope
Received a txt from Singapore Airlines notifying me about the severe disruption in travel at Amsterdam airport.

Checkin is only from 7 till 9.15 morning for the 11.15 flight.

Meaning SQ has no hope that passengers checking in after 9.15 have any chance of catching their flight......

HadesNL Jul 12, 22 11:05 pm

Situation to enter T3 at 06.04

Shot from the sheraton.....

Door next to door B is open for smokers
All other entry routed via the white tents
The white tents are in use at T3 car drop off.....
The open door next to door B is for smokers only

malmostoso Jul 13, 22 12:59 am

I arrived today (13/7) at 7.10 for my 9.35 flight. The tent outside of the terminal was empty, and there was a moderate line at non-priority security.

I had to sort something out at the check in desk, left the desk at 7.20 and was in the lounge by 7.45. Considering I'm in a group of 6 including two children not a bad result at all.

A security attendant would like you to know that you privium people are not the kings of Schiphol, the membership is 150€ so it's less than he makes in a day. Nod and smile along.

Xandrios Jul 13, 22 1:15 am

Noticed this RTL (:mad:) video of the reporter taking on the economy line. Basically she was pulled out of the line and was able to make her flight. Many other people in line were told to leave and rebook landslide, as they had missed their flight for sure. Large ish portion of her HV flight didn’t make it. Luggage didnt make it either.

Unfortunately, the overall message is that arriving 4 hr before departure is not enough and the majority of people will still miss their flight if they do. So.. reports like this will cause people to try to arrive earlier.

HadesNL Jul 13, 22 1:39 am

Live update SQ323 from T3 - Wed 13 JUL
After a nice stay at the renovated Amsterdam airport Sheraton hotel (review done : see the namesake thread in Marriott forum).
We were ready for our flight departing at 11.15 morning on Singapore Airlines to Singapore departing from T3

We got a txt saying checkin opens at 7 mornings so we checked out the hotel at 6,30 after breakfast.

At the escalators/travellators from arrivals to departures T3, they were checking the 4H entry terminal cutoff time but the elevators where unguarded and so we managed to slip through.

There was already a huge queue for Pegasus airlines (Turkish holiday airline) so we needed to bypass that queue from the lefthand side.
Surprising there were already people waiting at checkin counters 31 for Singapore Airlines in economy.
Business class had 1 family already standing by

Fortunately the staff opened all checkin counters earlier at 6.45 as they were all ready
Singapore Airlines checkin at counters 31 in T3
5 checkin counters were open
2x Business Class + PremiumEconomy + StarGold
3x Economy

We tried online checkin, it worked but didnt't provide boarding passes due to covid-documents check.
Singapore airlines allowed QR code scan and upload but it seemed to reject verification.
After completing formalities by showing our printed QR (it was quite fast),
we were told Singapore Airlines uses the Aspire lounge for business class passengers.
I queried about Privium Lounge west access but the lady told me the boarding pass only gave access to Aspire as this was printed in text.

Disillusioned we thought "not again the Aspire lounge!"

This was the queue next door for Pegasus airlines for counters 30
Pegasus checkin
Pegasus checkin, snakes to the left around the corner

We needed a proper nicotine intake so we headed via T3 door A to the smoking area.
Door B was also open for the smoking area but security staff told us when the queues increase they close both doors and all passengers using departures car drop off are herded via the white tents to door C. At the moment there was nobody in queing in the white tents.
T3 car drop off departures - white tent at door C
Smoking area T3 between doors A & B

We headed back to get to security.
There was no line to get to the turnstiles to reach economy and priority security.

ADVICE: between counters 24 / 25 is the best way to reach the turnstil for T3 Priority Security mezzanine
Many stood in a Q at other points in the terminal thinking it was for security but was actually for another airlines checkin......
No queue yet to reach the escalators / stairs / lift to economy / priority security

After reaching the mezzanine level,
The priority and economy line were open.
Privium queues together with priority but upon letting the staff know and showing privium card, they let you through the tensa barrier to first available free open security spot. Priority security T3 has 2 dedicated lanes of which a total 4 positions out of 6 total were in use this morning.

After security was done (no bags to secondary) , one must join the the regular queue for Kmar passport control.
Only Privium bypasses this due to the Iris scan
There was no dedicated crew / diplomatic lane in use but all E-gates where open.
All passports had also all counters open
We made it through passport control via the E-gates, the young one's face had the look of disbelief it was only 7.30 ......
And we made it all through....
It took us 45 min + inclusive nicotine break in total to reach airside!

As we know the Aspire lounge is most underwhelming, we decided to hike out directly towards the gate.
Butt in seat at 7.45 and everyone relieved and now stress free
To busy to get coffee
T3 airside not busy at 7.30
Starbucks was still closed
G-gate area even emptier still
Reached it ! Now parked my butt and not going to move anymore till boarding

From checkin to gate took exactly 1 hour with use of priority checkin + priority security and standard E-gates passport control
Not all to bad ! But those travelling economy should take precaution and patience......

Safe and sane travels everyone!

malmostoso Jul 13, 22 1:49 am

Originally Posted by HadesNL (Post 34420837)
Safe and sane travels everyone!

Are you sure SQ is sending (premium) passengers to the aspire lounge? I read somewhere upthread that they have contracted the privium lounge. Maybe worth asking?

johan rebel Jul 13, 22 1:50 am

Luchtvaartnieuws reports that Icelandair has added two baggage handlers to the crew on all flights to AMS to ensure that all checked bags on its flights are (un)loaded. The airline is considering adding handlers on flights to other destinations too, but has started with AMS because that's where the mess is worst.

The Schiphol disaster has gone from ridiculous to insane.

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but KL has scrapped an additional 1,800 flights through August due to staff shortages. They are also hiring another 900 FAs.


jongesander Jul 13, 22 1:52 am

Thanks for the update HadesNL , have a good trip with SQ. Too bad you could not use the Privium lounge, this "trial" ended quickly then (?).

johan rebel Jul 13, 22 1:57 am

Originally Posted by malmostoso (Post 34420846)
Are you sure SQ is sending (premium) passengers to the aspire lounge? I read somewhere upthread that they have contracted the Privium lounge.

Yes, SQ has a deal with Privium, their premium pax have access to ClubLounge West. This was confirmed to me last month by lounge agents in both the Express and West lounges. If something has changed, it must have happened very recently.


HadesNL Jul 13, 22 2:24 am

johan rebel jongesander
I was a bit miffed that we couldn't check the privium lounge west out but the checkin lady even underlined that it was Aspire Lounge only for Business Class. Not even the stargold stack on status made any difference but maybe it is because others in our travel party have no status and only fly business class.

See boarding pass:
No metion of privium west lounge but instead you are being sent of to the doom of Aspire lounge

The young ones went to Starbucks to grab a frappucino and told me they saw nobody with the infamous "see buy fly bags" anymore as now T3 airside was busy with people desperate to reach their flights.

Sjoerd Jul 13, 22 2:28 am

Originally Posted by Xandrios (Post 34420807)
Unfortunately, the overall message is that arriving 4 hr before departure is not enough and the majority of people will still miss their flight if they do. So.. reports like this will cause people to try to arrive earlier.

Wondering when the court cases against Schiphol will start. There must be hundreds/thousands of passengers by now who followed Schiphol instructions (“don’t arrive more than 4 hours before your scheduled departure time”) and missed their flights. Seems like an easy to win class action lawsuit.

Victor88 Jul 13, 22 2:32 am

Data point from this morning, July 13th. Walked through the Plaza at 06:40 this morning, no staff presence at the escalator checking departure times. Used the escalator behind Sky Priority check in to access security. Although Privium and Sky Priority were not segregated by the stantions was through in 10 minutes and in the Express Lounge by 06:55. Colleague without any status took 15-20 minutes to clear security. All in all extremely civilized. Jul 13, 22 2:37 am

Still worth asking at the lounge itself, in my opinion. You have time yet.

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