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irishguy28 Mar 20, 20 11:39 am

KLM's S20 timetable - schedule related questions

Originally Posted by KLM

As of 22 March (*23 March), KLM will no longer fly to the European destinations listed below until further notice:

Alpine countries: Graz and Zagreb

France: Montpellier

Central Europe: Gdańsk, Cracow* and Wroclaw*, Kiev and St. Petersburg

Germany: Dresden

Italy: Bologna, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Turin and Venice

Nordics: Ålesund, Kristiansand, Linköping, Sandefjord and Växjö

Spain/Portugal: Porto

Turkey: Istanbul

United Kingdom and Ireland: Belfast, Inverness, Humberside and Durham

johan rebel Mar 20, 20 12:05 pm

Tell me about it!

Remaining destinations may well still be served, but there's no way of telling which flights will actually operate. Book one, and there's a good chance of finding a cancelation e-mail in your inbox pretty soon. I'm trying to get home in a few days, and so far I think I'm on my fifth booking.


splflyer Mar 21, 20 2:45 am

Effective week of 30 march some 20-25 longhaul destinations will remain in place ; these include ao JFK/JNB/NBO/BKK and these destinations will be flown 2-4 a week each.
All flights will be operated by 777/787 only.
Airbus and 747 will not operate .Schedules will likely in place till 1 st week of june/tba
These schedules will pro actively loaded in reservation systems currently the week before is loaded in reservation system

Europe; roughly 30 destinations will be offered on a daily basis- all return flights (no nightstops).
Towards Major destinations which still allow flights that is.
Several destinations will have 2 flights eg TXL/LCY others just 1 a day eg BCN/HEL/DUB/GOT
Restrictions keep changing all the time

Currently KLM is working on schedules for next weeks but priority is for rescue flights now; still lot of flights leaving upcoming week; going empty towards destinations like UIO/PBM/CUR etc . Flights are returning completely packed towards AMS and with restrictions in place in over 32 countries its not an easy puzzle.Additionaaly many flight crew members also have limitations eg after visiting Korea and the likes.

Got this information from internal sources which are working around the clock and thought would be helpful to share

As flights come available experienced travellers as most here n the forum can do a lot them self via my trip. safe travels!

johan rebel Mar 21, 20 3:11 am

KLM will be using some of its longhaul aircraft for cargo-only flights to many destinations in North and South America as well as Asia. The rates for air freight have gone through the roof, the price per kilogram has already quintupled, and the airline is scrambling to meet demand.



newflyer530 Mar 21, 20 4:07 am

Good news that KLM is still getting some source of revenues to keep itself afloat! Here's to KL coming back stronger after the crisis.

Culture Guru Mar 21, 20 4:39 am

Originally Posted by newflyer530 (Post 32214018)
Good news that KLM is still getting some source of revenues to keep itself afloat! Here's to KL coming back stronger after the crisis.


johan rebel Mar 21, 20 10:13 am

An Open Letter to Ben Smith and Pieter Elbers

You don’t know me, but I had the honour to work for KLM Cargo for over 32 years culminating with global responsibility for cargo sales and marketing based in Schiphol. Prior to that I was VP cargo and area manager Canada and then Middle East, Asia and Australia.

During my 32 years of service I saw how the B747-400 Combi saved KLM financially on numerous occasions as a true cargo aircraft was needed during the gulf war crisis, SARS etc., and it allowed us to continue operations with at least a break-even result.

Now more than ever these aircraft are needed to support humanitarian requirements for goods and services . . . "

Full letter here.


Xandrios Mar 22, 20 4:45 am

As people here probably have realized, I fly between AMS and ATH often. So I'm following the news on both sides and as it stands, I don't know any better than that:

* AMS will close for all except rescue and cargo flights
* ATH will close for all except rescue and a few domestic flights

However, while Aegean has canceled all flights to AMS for April - KLM has not. In fact, the schedule is still fully available with 2 flights on most days. A few days ago I was under the impression that it would take time to cancel and rebook pax and that that was the reason for the flights to remain available. However now for a week or so all pax seem to have been rebooked, the lowest fare classes are available, and these flights are fully bookable for the lowest fares. I'd almost think that they are actually planning to operate these..

Which would be good news for me in case I have to travel for emergencies.. but it also sounds a little but surreal/unbelievable. And it doesn't quite match with the news that AMS would be closing down to almost 0.

mfkne Mar 22, 20 4:59 am

I'm in the same situation with flights to GRU - they're fully available in all fare classes (9s all round), but on the way back (GRU-AMS) they're properly booked. I already decided not to travel in April, I'm just waiting until the last minute for a cancellation by KLM rather than requesting a rebooking at this time.

splflyer Mar 22, 20 11:39 am

Xandrios; as mentioned elsewhere KLM intends to fly 30 destinations within Europe on a 1 flight a day schedule; this should include ATH
Have a look into the schedule of the next week and you will see the upcoming schedule. The booking systems are being uploaded currently and should give a better view on upcoming flights by wednesday/thursday. Give it some time!

on Longhaul they expect to fly 25 destinations 2-3 x a week all operated with b 777/787

johan rebel Mar 22, 20 4:52 pm

They are certainly taking the opportunity to fleece pax when and where they can. This afternoon I looked at AMS-ARN flights for tomorrow, Monday. They were asking € 1,008.-- (In J, but still) adding that there were only "eight seats left at this price". Weirdly, they price has now dropped to "only" € 824.--, at which price they are willing to sell 4 seats.


mfkne Mar 23, 20 8:27 am

The booking engine doesn't seem to have been updated yet, I'm still able to see daily flights to GRU for instance.

johan rebel Mar 23, 20 9:33 am

I wouldn't trust that booking engine one iota. I've had any number of booked flights canceled in the past few days, even though they were happily selling tickets for them. Not only KL, by the way.

A quick count shows that about 160 KL-coded flights departed AMS yesterday, Sunday. Although that of course included a substantial number of codeshares, KL is still flying to lots of destinations. All night stops have been canceled, so most departures from AMS are in the morning or afternoon, with all return flights the same day. There were exactly 100 pax on my flight to CPH yesterday afternoon, but only 20 booked on the return.


Solevita Mar 23, 20 10:17 am

Was thinking of booking a trip GOT-MAN at the end of April but held off booking whilst everything's in the air (or not!). Looking again now and they have a daily flight GOT.AMS and a daily flight AMS-MAN both mid-morning departures which don't work as a same-day connection, so the booking tool shows no availability for the whole trip until May, not proposing overnight stops in AMS which would work. Multi-city trip works though.

mfkne Mar 24, 20 12:15 am

Originally Posted by johan rebel (Post 32222375)
I wouldn't trust that booking engine one iota. I've had any number of booked flights canceled in the past few days, even though they were happily selling tickets for them. Not only KL, by the way.

Any idea where else to check? Expertflyer is still showing all flights too.

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