Connecting on separate tickets in AMS

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Connecting on separate tickets in AMS

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn't find too many past experiences in the search, but I was wondering if 3 hours is enough to transit AMS on separate tickets, checking in luggage? It would be connecting KLM to CX so definitely no through check possible. Wondering if anyone has tried anything similar?
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This is solely a matter of your risk tolerance as you are not connecting but rather transferring between two separate tickets. If all goes well, then you are fine. But, if there are delays and you are unable to meet the baggage check in deadline for CX or otherwise miss other CX deadlines, your CX ticket will be cancelled and it will retain whatever value it retains under its fare rules. Generally, that is $0. You would then need to purchase a new ticket to replace the cancelled ticket at whatever the prevailing prices are. Finally, your ground expenses for hotel and meals would not be covered.

If your onwards ticket is expensive (by your terms), I would overnight at AMS.
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If all goes well I woud say its plenty, but 60-80min delay is about all the leyway that you'll have, so its up to you as to how much a replacement ticket would cost(or if insureance would cover it). If you could survive without checked bags, it woud make it much easier. So yep its easily done, but not much space for the wheels to come off.
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It very much depends. Schiphol has seen heavy delays and crowds on some days - though incoming .flights are typically on time immigration can be backed up - taking 30-45 minutes or more for non-EU. So it would depend on the departure airport and the day in my view.
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The other posters explained it all. If no delays, you probably are fine. If you have a 1.5 hour delay and must clear customs before rechecking luggage, things can become tricky. Travelling hand luggage only helps a lot here. But then I had this experience of a 2.5 hour difference in Manchester between my arrival and departure on separate tickets, and due to a major delay of the first flight things totally messed up. I had sheer luck that the 2 tickets were with the same alliance and the crew on the delayed flight arranged a rebooking of my next flight, while they had all the right to leave me on my own. Narrow escape hence, and I side with Often1 that in such cases building in an overnight is the safer bet.
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Last year I did the same but in opposite direction. Came in with CX at 6:15 AM and departed on KLM at 7:30 AM. This transfer involved a security check and passport control (non-Schengen to Schengen).

However... at that time of day the airport is not crowded. Also I was traveling with hand luggage and only had to pass security/passport control once - you will have to do that twice. And last, I was fully prepared to buy a new KLM ticket if needed - especially because this transfer was booked by my employer. If I would have missed the connection I would not personally be financially responsible.

In your case I would say that it is possible IF and only IF there are no major delays. And that would be a risk. It would actually help a LOT if you could travel only with hand luggage, and I would recommend doing it that way if possible. But in any case..there is a chance to miss the connection and you will have to be prepared for that scenario (Both regarding your schedule and financially).
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Originally Posted by atflyer View Post
in Manchester.
Manchester sucks, especially if you are transferring. You just gotta love that sightseeing trip around the entire airport that ends at at a security checkpoint.

Had 1h15 between flights the other week. Arrived 15 minutes early, got to the departure gate in about 45 minutes. Had the incoming flight been half an hour late I would have struggled.

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