KL621 Flight Cancellation Question

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KL621 Flight Cancellation Question

Does anyone know why this flight (KLM 621) from AMS to ATL has been cancelled so frequently over the last couple of months? Were booked on this flight later this month and are wondering about the likelihood of its being cancelled. Thanks.
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Yeah, lack of aircraft.

Do a search, there's plenty on this topic here.

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Thanks. Yes, equipment availability does appear to be the answer. KLM won't admit that though. An email response just stated the usual party line: "In line with your concern about flight cancellations, there are instances that they are due to weather condition or technical issues with the aircraft. Since those circumstances are unforeseen we cannot advise in advance that the possibility of flight cancellations or delays may happen. But upon checking your current flight scheduled on the 27th of March is on time."
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Regarding the likelihood of your flight being cancelled, I think KL is pretty right stating it is hard to tell you in advance...

Should it eventually happen, and if KL claims it is due to "weather condition" while you suspect aircraft shortage, feel free to be insistent quoting interpretative Guidelines on Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 (https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-cont...2016XC0615(01)). In particular (cf. section 5.1), it is airline responsibility to prove the "exceptional" nature of the cause and you should be sent the adequate supporting documentation.

In order to be exempted from the payment of compensation the carrier must therefore simultaneously prove:
- the existence and the link between the extraordinary circumstances and the delay or the cancellation, and
- the fact that this delay or cancellation could not have been avoided although it took all reasonable measures.
The carriers may provide as proof extracts from log books or incident reports and/or external documents and statements. In cases where reference is made to such proof in the reply to the passenger and/or to the national enforcement body, they should also be transmitted. Where the air carrier seeks to rely on the defence of extraordinary circumstances, such proof should be provided free of charge by the air carrier to the national enforcement body and the passengers in line with national provisions regarding access to documents.
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Thanks for the link. I am familiar with Regulation 261/2004 and will have the necessary documentation with me in case I need it.

I did get another response from KLM which said " I understand your concern about the flight. I have sent an inquiry to our higher management to check on the frequency of cancellation for flight KL621 (Amsterdam to Atlanta) and the cause. I regret as of the moment, we need to wait for a response. Kindly get back to us in 24 hours for us to check for an update."

I waited the 24 hours and sent another email; still waiting to hear back. At least my question has apparently been escalated to a higher level.
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