Skipping SXM-CUR after short stop on AMS-CUR flight

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Skipping SXM-CUR after short stop on AMS-CUR flight

I've searched in threads on skipping the last leg of flights, but I haven't found insights on this specific situation yet. I've booked a return trip CUR-AMS. On the way back, KL789 makes a short stop (1h) in SXM. I've been on this flight a couple of times and usually only passengers who have SXM ticketed as their final destination get off the plane, then new passengers for SXM-AMS get on board.

Due to a change in schedules, I'd prefer to go to SXM rather than CUR. Changing the tickets would cost a fortune. Assuming I'd travel without checked baggage and given that my Dutch passport allows entering St Maarten, would it be possible to get off the plane in SXM and stay there?

I've already called the platinum service desk and they couldn't answer my question and adviced me to ask the senior purser on board. But of course I'd like to get the info before I get on the plane.. Any advice?
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I think this cannot be done 'officially' beforehand without paying the change fee. Unless you do arrange it with the purser just before the flight, but even then...I don't have high hopes.

The problem is with the flight manifest. It needs to match the passengers that are actually flying. This means that, in order to do it officially, the purser will need to alter the manifest and communicate that change to the gate as well. Possible..maybe. But unlikely that he/she would be willing.

If you just leave the aircraft without saying anything they will most likely occur a delay on departure from SXM. To make sure the manifest is correct they will do a head count, and be off by one. They then need to figure out who is not on-board. And that will take some time. I'm not sure what actions KLM will take in that case. A scenario (perhaps not the most feasible/likely) is that they will attempt to recuperate the costs of the delay from you.
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Agree. It will certainly trigger a safety/security alert. Possibly a search for luggage even if you don't have any can lead to delays.
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I've done throwaway ticketing (for last legs) some times, but this is a new variant. Usually it is about not boarding your last leg. In your case it is about leaving from the plane doing your last leg. Is an alternative not boarding the KL flight on the original ticket in Curacao and paying a one-way Curacao-St Maarten instead that is not too expensive and avoiding the security checks/issues others fear here? In a way I assume no one could stop you walking off the plane with your hand luggage, but if indeed then they miss a passenger that has checked-in for the full flight......
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