25 free TrueBlue Points for anybody

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25 free TrueBlue Points for anybody

I just got approved for the American Express JetBlue Credit Card and they have a promotion going right now where they give you 25 free TrueBlue just for signing up for the card.

Even though there is a $40 annual fee for the card, i'm pretty sure it will pay itself back if I use it once to cover my car rental insurance.


If any of you also have the card, please let me know what your experience with it has been. Thanks.
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It's not for everybody if you can't get an AMEX card

But welcome to FT!
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Originally Posted by zomanNYC
Even though there is a $40 annual fee for the card, i'm pretty sure it will pay itself back if I use it once to cover my car rental insurance.
All VISA cards and I think most (if not all) MasterCards offer car rental insurance.
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Welcome to FT!!!

Regarding the jetBlue AMEX card: I have the card since its debut just about 15 months ago and I ABSOLUTELY love it. Be sure to take advantage of all the perks/offers that come with the card. For example, for one month (I believe it was this past May), they offered double points on purchases at retail stores! It was a promotion that you had to register for...so make sure to always thoroughly read the "junkmail" from AMEX and/or jetBlue to find out about offers like that one. For a while, if you showed your jetBlue AMEX card on a flight you will receive one free cocktail ($5 value). There is another offer for $15 off each way between certain cities (I think it was JFK-JAX, PIT and a few other new ones).

As always, you'll earn double points for purchases in restaurants, movie theatres, sporting event/performing arts tickets, golf courses, gym memberships and some other purchases....Believe me, these points do add up! Oh, and double points on jetBlue flight purchases, in addition to the points for flying the actual flight!

I signed up under the first year fee-free promo so I received a $40 discount, but that has been discontinued. Maybe if you are a long-time loyal AMEX cardholder, they might waive that fee for your first year too...it can't hurt to ask a nice supervisor on the phone!

I always receive compliments about the card virtually anywhere I use it. People just love jetBlue! They also have the new jetBlue Business card now. It's by far the most generous card out there since you only need to spend $20,000 for a free ticket as opposed to $25,000 at other airlines...and not even that, because you earn DOUBLE points on so many purchases!!!

If you use the "Search" feature in the jetBlue forum here on FT, you will find several other threads with useful info about the jetBlue AMEX card.

Also visit www.jetbluecard.com for the best extensive info and offers!

One tip...sometimes AMEX is a little slow with transferring the points over to my TrueBlue account. Not always, but every now and then it doesn't transfer automatically. Whenever I call them, they fix the issue right away and manually transfer the points over for me. So, if by the 5th-7th of a month it has not yet transferred, be sure to call them and give a heads up.

Hope all this helps you out! Feel free to send me a message with any other questions you may have about the card.
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You're right. The Visa and MC do cover car insurance. Thanks for clarifying. Also, thanks JetBlue NYFL for all of the info! Very helpful!

Question: Do you know if Visa and MC also cover the following, which Amex covers?:

-purchase protection (if something you buy with the card gets accidentally broken or gets stolen, Amex will pay for a new one)
-warranty extension (if you buy certain things with the card, Amex extends the warranty on it by up to a full year)
-global assistance (if you are travelling and have bought your plane ticket with your Amex card and happen to run into a problem (health, transportation, etc), you can call Amex and they will help solve your problem (find you a doctor, call you a taxi etc).
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