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odnyc Oct 25, 03 5:46 pm

jet blue downgraded- why?
Those of you who extoll the market economy will note that JB stock has taken a beating lately. Do I hate JB? No. Is it outrageous what they've been doing? Yes. JFK-Burlington this weekened- almost $250 ( at this rate, per mile, NY-LA (r/t) is at least, what $3,000) without advanced purchase- this is a bargain-Obviously, not. Judging JB's competitiveness is way past: "They're better than the majors". Truth is that their CORE busines model is BAIT AND SWITCH plus suckering leisure fliers who don't know any better. The apologists on this web site seem to bend over backwards to let them off the hook on FF miles. A transcon flight is worth $75-100 in FF miles as JB knows well (the majors carry FF miles as liabilities). People are learning every day. Literally minutes ago, a friend told me: "What's up with Jet Blue: I'm flying in November to Florida----every AA flight is less expensive on every day I check."

RELATED NOTE: Southwest posted a profit this period- when asked why, the airline responded: "We're charging more people FULL FARE" Look it up. Full fare on SW is like spending a night in a correctional facility. Competition is one thing. Massive, pr-driven scamming is another.

Look mom: I flew JB x country for $500 and they had t.v. on board. This is a SCAM.

tmorse6570 Oct 25, 03 11:47 pm


kdinino Oct 26, 03 6:04 pm

odnyc---maybe you should put the neergy you put in BS-ing us and dogging JBLU into something worthwhile that provides an actual service to someone. I read your posts and just laugh and wonder what stick needs to be ejected from your arse. Try decaf maybe.

DLDC Oct 27, 03 6:21 am

odnyc = taint.

Sig Oct 27, 03 11:17 am

Sounds like someone is short Jet Blue stock and trying their best to get it to go down so they can make a profit. If you read the investment boards you see a lot of this, super hyping stocks you're long on and ripping stocks you are short.

Carfield Oct 27, 03 3:06 pm

I think the Jetblue's stocks went down last week because it pulled out of the Atlanta market and possibly lawsuits coming because of that FAA screening program.


askworldtraveler Oct 27, 03 7:31 pm

Topic for this thread is off topic - which as a gentle reminder is TrueBlue. Granted boards allow some latitude in disussion beyond the miles programs. With 5 posts on this thread I'll say the latitude has been used. Everything that needed to be said, or vented has I'm closing the thread.

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