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Terminal 6 TSA staff are evil and mean... jetBlue staff saved the day.

Terminal 6 TSA staff are evil and mean... jetBlue staff saved the day.


Old Jul 9, 03, 3:14 am
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Terminal 6 TSA staff are evil and mean... jetBlue staff saved the day.

Did anyone ever had problems with the TSA agents at Terminal 6 at JFK? I fly alot between OAK and JFK and never encounter any problems with TSA until yesterday when I was flying from SYR to OAK. I had a 3hrs layover at JFK so I went to TGI Fridays at Terminal 9 for dinner and when I got back, I cleared security than the female TSA agent cleared me and than just as I was leaving the security area (the one by Gate 7), this male TSA agent, kind of old with glasses, ran to me as if I was a criminal and with a mean tone of voice informed me that a skateboard is a weapon and than he took my skateboard and told me that it will be destroyed. Than he started questioning me on what was my intent for bringing on a skateboard on a plane, I told him that I always do it and every jetBlue agent that I had talk to me in the past said skateboards could be bought onto the planes. He basically treated me like if I was going to take over a jetBlue plane with a skateboard. He ended up taking my skateboard and I just walked off and I heard him muble unapproprate phrases about me that were compleatly rude.

I went to my gate and informed the jetBlue agent at the gate what had happened and she walked with me back to the security checkpoint and basically nogosiated and ending up gate checking the skateboard.

The point of my post is that TSA needs to be more uniform with their rules, you cant go around saying that one thing is allow at one airport while its ban at another airport. My post is not about weather or not skateboards should be bought onto the plane but instead TSA needs to get their act together.

In addition to harrassing me at the check point, they are also rude to poeple in line, I bet many of you have flown out of JFK in the past and notice how each trip to JFK, the lines at security gets longer and longer. Well before the conflict, I was waiting in line, I was about a few people behind the jetBlue agent that was checking tickets and ID, anyways, 3 TSA agent came over and flashed there ID card and pushed the people in line so they can get in and everyone just stoped and stared at them, even the jetBlue agent that was checking the tickets and ID.

Anyone else ever notice how rude TSA agents are at JFK?

Oh yeah, and if skateboards is a banned item at JFK, than TSA is bad at detecting banned items / weapons because last week I passed through the same security and my skateboard or "weapon" went right through the check point with no problem and onto the plane, I even spent 5 minutes at the end of the X Ray belt to put my laptop back into my bag and putting my skateboard back onto the skateboard holder thingie in my backpack.
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