Questions re: trans-con flights


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Questions re: trans-con flights

Took my first JetBlue flt this wknd from Long Beach to Oakland Loved the service; loved the airline. I have searched, in vain, for a tripreport describing the transcon service.(e.g. Long Beach/Jfk).
Some questions:
1. How many pax actually bring food on-board? Is it offensive? Are we talking about a mixture of odors? If so, how quickly do the FA's dispose of the garbage?
2. What alcoholic beverages are offered for $4.00? Premium brands? Is another round offered? Is bottled water available at all times?
3. Are tea and coffee available?
4. Pillows and blankets?

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Hi there. I've made the JFK-LBG trip a few times and here's a few answers for you.

Pillows, blankets, tea and coffee...YES. FA's have no problem giving you 2 pillows, etc.

I'd say maybe 1/4 of PAX bring on their own food. I grab a slice of pizza or something small before I boad and the snacks generally hold me over. Snacks are given twice I beleive and its usually a box full of cheese and crackers, an energy bar and cookies and some carrots. It does vary.

Id rather eat snacks then be sunmitted to an airline "meal" in which my stomach churms the rest of the flight.
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I just did my first JFK-LGB flights last weekend. With the exception of my reserved aisle seat being "lost" as I was checking in it was a great experience and I'll certainly fly JB again. With regards to your questions.

1. It didn't seem that a large percentage of the passengers brought food aboard. I didn't notice any bad odors, but my sense of smell was never a strong point. <g> Since it was an am flight, my wife and I brought a couple of bagels with us. The flight attendants made multiple "trash" runs.

2. I can't really help you out on this one other than to say beer and wine were available. All beverages were available at all times.

3. Coffee and tea was always available and the coffee was pretty good.

4. Plenty of pillows and blankets outbound from JFK. There was a pillow shortage on the return segment.

In general the service was excellent and enthusiastic. The attendants were genuinely interested in the passengers comfort. After takeoff there was a beverage/snack service (chips etc...) then later in the flight another beverage service with a JB SnakPak (cheese and crackers). But you could get whatever you wanted whenever either by calling the attendant or walking to the back of the aircraft.
Both airports were painless although it took 30 min. for the security line at JFK. It seemed like an eternity since I've been spoiled with the elite security lines at EWR. Also it's worth noting that, although it appeared endless when we arrived, the JFK check-in line moved very rapidly. It took us 10 minutes from arrival to clear. Boarding and deplaning are extremely fast as well with luggage (golf bag, what else?) showing up promptly on both sides. Would I fly JB trans-con again? I look forward to it.

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My first trip report I ever did was for JetBlue transcon between JFK and OAK. I don't think I've written any more since. Anyway, it was archived so this may be why you could not find it. Hope this helps.
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Thank you, Analise. That was a great trip report. Thanks also to everyone else who responded to my post. You have been so helpful. Given that the fares on DL are so high, and the Skymiles program has become nearly worthless, I will definitely consider JetBlue for my next trip to Jfk. Love that no Saturday night stay is required. I found it interesting that while waiting to board my flights this weekend, nearly everyone was raving about this airline.
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Obscure2k, I fly B6 for the first time on this coming Monday. I'm just going to OAK, but I'm thinking if I like it, I might try one of those meals in a box from the Peninsula and go to JFK with it. That would be a hoot. Anyway, I'm looking forward to my flight. Glad you enjoyed yours.

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JeffreyT--valet park your car in LGB and they'll throw in a free car wash. The valet asked when we were returning and our car was about 20 feet away from the valet when we arrived. What a great service. I believe the cost is $15.00 a day,but they don't charge you for a full extra day if you are over 24 hrs. We left LGB at 11:30AM on Fri and returned at 6:30PM on Sat and the cost was (I believe) $25.00. If you don't want to order the fancy meal from the Peninsula, call Nate'nAl's in BH (or Arts deli in Studio City). Bet that would work just fine. Enjoy the ride to Oakland; we sure did(particularly the service, compared to DL's "fast break."
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