Terminal Question and Immigration/Customs

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Terminal Question and Immigration/Customs

I will be flying internationally from the US to Mexico. I noticed that on cancun website, there are a few terminals such as 1, 2 and 3. I have flew there before with jetblue before i believe, but the last time i flew there was american airlines. I checked online and its terminal 3. And from cancun website, seems like international flights come from terminal 3. But jetblue is listed as terminal 2. I did check on jetblue arrival to cancun and it shows terminal 3 the last day or so.

First off, does it matter what terminal you get out at cancun whether its terminal 2 or 3 at cancun airport or whatever airport? Is the waiting in line at immigration and customs the same regardness whether you get out of terminal 2 or 3 if you are flying from the us? I read that it all depends on how many flights are arriving around the same time. If its a lot, you have to wait. If not much, then the line is pretty quick. Is that true? Or does it depend on what terminal you get out at?

Also here is something that im confused about. The last time i flew with american airlines to cancun, i went to the building and everything was pretty quick, no line. Customs was pretty quick as well and i got to wait to pick up my checked bag which i like. Previously i recalled it was longer and when i got to pick up checked bag, it was already there for a long time. But previously before that, i recall once or maybe twice a flying to cancun, when we got out of flight, we had to board this bus to get to the building to immigration. Is the reason for this because our plane stopped at a different terminal?
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