Travel Flight Date/Time Question

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Travel Flight Date/Time Question

Hey all got a question. I usually book flights from the US to say Mexico or Canada but the last few flights i booked has been to Mexico and vice versa etc. I recalled the last few times i flew to Mexico, i almost always booked a monday-wednesday flight because fares are cheaper with jetblue on those days. Now i want to book a flight say a week or 2 from now and have a question. So i noticed that on october 17, they do not have any flights from nyc to cancun at say a good time like in the morning. They do have it at a low price a few days before that though but i want to fly a few days later.

The thing is do most carriers have a set time on when a carrier flies to a city/country on a certain day? Example i recalled jetblue usually had wednesdays where if you book flight say 2 weeks earlier, you would notice low prices on tuesday/wednesday etc. But when i look at the dates i want such as october 16 and 17, the prices are a lot higher. But not only that, they don't even have it at that specific time.

But for that week, it seems like prices are much higher to fly on jetblue on wednesday and thursday as oppose to other weeks in the calender. Does anyone know if there is a specific reason why? So that mean even if you wait, its less likely the prices for that day would drop right? Its like 2x the price ticket compared to a few days earlier. Also i use orbitz to check prices for all carriers. I thought it was strange that for that week, wednesday is the most expensive day to fly outside of the us to say cancun. Is this just random or a coincidence? I guess this would apply to all airlines like AA, united etc.
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