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sbm12 Aug 16, 10 6:45 am

JetBlue Schedule Extension Thread
I'm no longer a mod so I cannot do it the way previously described. I can, however, create a wikipost which I did.

The data is now being tracked there. Enjoy, and feel free to update it if you see a change announced.

sbm12 Aug 16, 10 6:46 am

Extension History
Content moved to the wiki post

sbm12 Jul 15, 11 9:30 am

Per the email I just received the schedule will be extended to 30 April 2012 on 17 July 2011.

mitushib Oct 10, 11 7:02 am

Any idea when July 2012 dates maybe released?

sbm12 Nov 4, 11 7:03 pm

Per the email I just received the schedule will be extended to 4 September 2012 on 6 November 2011.

Masterggl Nov 6, 11 11:35 am

JetBlue extension??
Exactly WHEN on Nov 6th can you book past April? I've been trying all day!

Denise W Nov 6, 11 4:34 pm

They told me after 12:00 eastern time when I called this morning but I could not actually book anything until about 1:15 PM, and even then I had to go in through the edit button to get the later dates to show on the booking calendar.


megtravels Feb 7, 12 3:21 pm

Any guesses as to when November 2012 will open? Soon I hope! Thanks.

RLD7 Feb 8, 12 3:27 am

Any guess when the November 2012 dates will be released?

lbarton13 Feb 16, 12 7:50 am

i'm just looking to book in October~ lets start there :)

sbm12 Feb 19, 12 9:57 am

Per the email I just received the schedule will be extended to 27 October 2012 on 19 February 2012.

Out of my Element Mar 23, 12 2:48 pm

Extending this Sunday, the 25th through January 6, 2013

sandykaroll May 16, 12 2:49 pm

Extend schedule
When will Jet Blue extend it's schedule to include the first 10 days of February 2013?

sbm12 May 18, 12 10:59 am

On 20 May 2012 the schedule will extend through 13 February 2013.

midnightflight Jun 16, 12 7:02 am

hello, is there any information about the next schedule extension? im looking for flights at the end of february 2013...


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