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alex_tdi Dec 3, 01 7:19 pm

Narita Int'l. Airport (NRT) Layover & Hotel Master Thread
Hi All,

I'm traveling from LAX-NRT-BKK on 1/10. I have to stay overnight in NRT on 1/11. I land 4:15pm, and leave the next day on 10:00am.

So I figure I have a good 8 hour stay in Japan. Where do you all suggest I do with my time?

If I stay in Tokyo (i.e. Shinjuku or Shibuya), I can theoretically leave from the Shunjuki station taking Narita Express at 7am.

What would you recommend I do while I am there?



PETEFLYS Dec 6, 01 11:31 pm


I attemted this last month while on a mileage run to TPE.
I would recomend against going to Toyko,for the fact that you will have less than 12 hours,in town.
cost of train to city 60.00 to 100.00 US also high cost of rooms in toyko.

after clearing customs and waiting for the train at best you will arrive at 730 pm.

I also think you might need more time in the morning to NRT.

chubroach Dec 21, 01 5:05 pm

Seeing the area next to Tokyo Narita during layover
I have never been to Japan but will be stopping over at Tokyo's Narita airport for 3 hours and 45 minutes on the way back from Bangkok. The layover is during the afternoon so I though I might rush a couple of hours of touring before I have to check in for the next flight.

I understand there is a city called Narita Japan a few miles from the airport where I could go and see a typical Japanese town for an hour or so.

I looked at the Narita web page and it said that they discourged people leaving the international terminal area if they had a connecting international flight but it could be done with a visitors pass.

Has anyone done this? If so:

What train did they take to the city of Narita? Are there signs in English? Was it a hassle getting through passport control as a transit passenger? Did you have to pay a departure fee because you left the secure arrivals area? What train should I take? What will happen if I miss my connection to the USA, huge fine? Am I crazy or should I be a good boy and sit at the gate for 4 hours waiting for the next plane to Chicago like everyone else? Thanks.

askworldtraveler Dec 21, 01 6:27 pm

I've been to Tokyo many times, last trip a few weeks ago. Several time's I've had stops like yours - short, under 5 hours.

First thought - I would not leave the airport- number of reasons:
1. going through customs
2. coming back through security
3. I believe you may have to pay the airport tax (as your ticket was not a stop over - but transit - however they used to offer a coupon to exit and return the same day - no charge - it's finding the right person to ask that's the problem)
Having said all that -
You didn't mention the airline your traveling - taking a guess with an arrival to chicago - it's UA.
UA arrives and departs from T2 (I beleive I may have these reversed). If that is the case - make your way to the new T1 terminal (although they tend to call everything 'New' there - the renovation at the UA terminal is later then the "new' main terminal").
The main terminal has everything, shops, resturants,'s almost a small city and you'll get a taste of Japan.

I'm sure others will be far more specific.

One more observation - NRT has always had excellent security - now it's even tighter - and can take time - don't be in a rush.

Askworldtraveler, EXP,4 million AA miles+++Hilton Gold (thanks to EXP)

FlyMan Dec 23, 01 2:30 pm

3 hours and 45 min? I would say - you won't have enough time to get out and back into the airport. The airport is located in the middle of nowhere (even though they call it Tokyo New International Airport). The best bet is to stick around the airport terminals.

Vulcan Dec 24, 01 3:04 pm

3 hours 45 minutes is plenty of time to get into Narita Town and walk around a bit, EXCEPT, I don't know what effect 9/11 has had on getting back into the airport. I did this about a year ago. Read the first part of this thread:

For things to do at Narita-town, go to the Narita Layover page:

Feel free to email me with questions.

DBoy Dec 25, 01 5:00 am


I did a SIN run thru NRT in Nov, and each way I visited Narita City. I think my stops were scheduled to be 3-1/2 hours (in the afternoon), but both flights into NRT arrived early. Plenty of time to visit Narita City and I think well worth it (that's why I did it twice).

One time I had 4-1/2 hours. I took the Keisei Line train 2 stops (10 min), walked for an hour around a great temple and garden, had lunch and got back to NRT with time to spare.

After cruising thu customs (with carryon only), go upstairs? to Tourist information and ask for their excellent hand out on visiting Narita City, and change some money.

No departure tax, no hassle. Security was very thorough, but quick-maybe 10 min. Have fun, and dress warm.

SGT C Dec 28, 01 8:02 pm

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by DBoy:
One time I had 4-1/2 hours. I took the Keisei Line train 2 stops (10 min), walked for an hour around a great temple and garden, had lunch and got back to NRT with time to spare.

After cruising thu customs (with carryon only), go upstairs? to Tourist information and ask for their excellent hand out on visiting Narita City, and change some money.

No departure tax, no hassle. Security was very thorough, but quick-maybe 10 min. Have fun, and dress warm.
I made the exact trip just this month! Once you get through customs and immigration, they have a little shop where you can leave your carry-on, for as small fee ($2?). Word of caution, however. When you get to Narita City, go up the stairs and check on the time for the train returning to the airport. I was under the impression that the train left every 15 minutes but it was closer to every hour. Long story short. I made it back to the airport 15 minutes before my flight to ICN, picked up my carry-on, went through immigration, went through security, ran to my gate and made it! My traveling companion did not. Survivial of the fittest, I guess.

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chubroach Dec 29, 01 7:02 am

Thanks for the responses so far. I have two additional questions about getting back to the gate after my tour of Narita:

One: If we miss the flight going on to Chicago (on United) what then? Will we face a huge fine to be rebooked, or might we have to wait for days in an expensive Toyko hotel until there is a seat in our fare class available? We are on super economy tickets.

Two: How do we get away from paying for the departure tax. I suspect to get past a certain point in the terminal going through passport control, etc., there will be a line asking for $ for the departure tax. If I would have stayed in the secure area, that line would not be an issue.

Three: When leaving terminal one on my way to tour the area I will have to go through passport lines and show a immagration card. Will the person reviewing my passport ask why I am leaving the airport area for such a short period of time, will they let me out of the terminal?

falconea Apr 14, 02 9:04 pm

Japan - Tokyo/Narita layover what to do, where to buy origami paper?
Hi all,

We are flying from Australia to Europe via Japan later this year. We're already booked in a hotel SAS Radisson Narita which is included cheap with the airfare. We arrive Monday at 7 pm and fly out Wednesday at noon on the way out and fly in at 10:30 am Friday and fly out at 8:15 pm Saturday.

My husband already has a list of camera shops to visit in Tokyo. I want to buy myself lots of good quality origami paper and also a large simple blue and white cotton kimono.

Any recommendations on where to go?

Recommendations on other things to do with our time would also be welcome - we're thinking the museum and the early morning fish market. We've also read that Narita has nice old temples and things and plan that for the morning we fly out.



divingdoc Aug 8, 03 1:33 pm

NRT daytime layover - sightseeing options?
Will be returning HAN-NRT-IAH in Nov. Will arrive NRT 650am Sat, depart 550pm. Have researched Naritasan - 1 train stop from NRT. Any other suggestions to see nearby? Thanks


transpac Aug 8, 03 4:11 pm

Current NRT Layover Thread in the Star Forum

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RichardInSF Aug 8, 03 4:19 pm

The standard authority (might be a little dated but still very helpful) is Mike Newman's Narita stopover page:

RustyC Aug 8, 03 8:41 pm

Would second the info recommendations in the earlier posts. Definitely do get out there & look around. Naritasan is beautiful or, if you're feeling more energetic, you can even take a shot at Tokyo. The Newman page also mentions Chiba, which I haven't tried but which might be best considering the amount of time you have.

divingdoc Aug 9, 03 1:51 pm

Thank everyone, I had tried searching for info as a newbie on the site but hadn't pulled up the STAR thread. Appreciate the help and have forwarded the sites to my travel companions!

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