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Question Japan to USA. Shipping large box; cheap way?

I'm looking to ship something that will probably be the size and weight of a regular check-in suitcase for an economy flight.

So about 23kg (50 lbs) and size dimensions being something like (length + height + width) of 158cm (62 inches) - just imagine your standard check-in suitcase.

I have no idea what is the best (meaning cheapest) way to ship from Japan to USA. I never did that before, and I don't speak much Japanese.

I don't care how long it takes to ship, few months is OK.

Could someone who ships on a regular basis give me some rough estimate or recommended the best way to do this?

Thanks so much!
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That size sounds like it might be too large for the post office. However, if you can divide it into smaller boxes, then sending via surface mail can be reasonable.

If you can't make it any smaller, Yamato UPS may have a cheapish sea freight shipping option for self-packed boxes. I used this to move my personal effects from the UK to Japan about 10 years ago. (The sales people tried to sell me their gold-plated international removals service, but eventually gave me this option when I convinced them what a cheapskate I was). It took a couple of months. IIRC, they told me that the service was designed to serve students who were studying abroad, so you might get to the point more quickly if you ask them if they have a service for students.

You should also check the procedures for importing unaccompanied luggageto the US. Depending on what you're sending / why / how old it is etc. some items may be liable for customs charges etc.
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Have you bought the mystery object already? Or are you just admiring it and holding off buying it until you figure out how to ship it home?

If you haven't bought it yet, some stores provide overseas shipping of their merchandise for a fee. It's not cheap, but it frees you from having to navigate bureaucratic procedures, which can be intimidating even to people who do speak Japanese.

If you have bought it or if the store doesn't provide shipping services, look in the English-language press for advertisements for overseas shipping services.
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A bit old information:

The post office can take a parcel up to 20kg / EMS up to 30 kg. The total of the mesurement up to 3m (for a length of 1.5m) or 2m (for a length of 1.05m). [length + 2 x(a total of the other sides)].

I usually send it by SAL (more expensive than the surface, but cheaper than the air). For the 23kg package, it may be around 30,000 yen.
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