Short checking baggage

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Short checking baggage

I've seen some older posts that JAL might not be willing to short check, but I wonder if anybody actually has been refused to do so? I've had a look at the Conditions of Carriage and to me it reads like they'll always leave the choice to the customer (bolding mine):
  • (C) Checked Baggage
    • (1)Nothing contained in these Conditions of Carriage shall entitle a Passenger to have his/her Baggage checked on a flight for which a Carrier does not accept checking of Baggage.
    • (2)Unless otherwise provided in JAL's Regulations or Applicable Laws, JAL will, upon presentation by a Passenger of a valid Ticket covering Carriage on the lines of JAL or on the lines of JAL and one or more other Carriers, accept as Checked Baggage the Baggage which is tendered by the Passenger at the office designated, and by the time prescribed, by JAL in respect of Carriage on the lines designated on the Ticket; provided that JAL will not accept as Checked Baggage the Baggage tendered for Carriage:
      • (a)beyond the Destination designated, or on any routing not designated, on the Ticket;
      • (b)beyond a Stopover point, or beyond a point at which the Passenger transfers to a connecting flight departing from a different airport from that at which the Passenger is scheduled to arrive under the Ticket, unless otherwise provided for in JAL's Regulations;
      • (c)beyond a point of transfer of the Baggage to any other Carrier with which JAL has no interline Baggage agreement or which has different conditions of Carriage of Baggage from JAL's;
      • (d)for a sector in respect to which the Passenger holds no reservation;
      • (e)beyond a point at which the Passenger desires to resume possession of such Baggage or any portion thereof; or
      • (f)for a sector in respect to which the Passenger does not pay all applicable charges.
    • (3)Upon delivery to JAL of Baggage to be checked, JAL will describe in the Ticket the number of pieces and/or weight of the Checked Baggage (which act shall constitute the issuance of a Baggage Check) and will issue a Baggage Identification Tag for each piece of the Checked Baggage.
    • (4)If a piece of Checked Baggage of a Passenger has no name, initial or other personal identification, the Passenger shall affix such identification to the Baggage prior to JAL's acceptance of checking.
    • (5)JAL will, to the reasonable extent possible, carry Checked Baggage of a Passenger coincidently with the Passenger on the aircraft which the Passenger boards; provided that, if JAL deems it difficult or impracticable, JAL may carry the Checked Baggage on any other flight in which such Baggage can be loaded within the maximum weight allowance or by any other transportation service.
    • (6)JAL will, unless JAL otherwise agrees in advance, refuse to accept Carriage of any piece of Baggage the total of the greatest outside length, the greatest outside height and the greatest outside width (hereinafter referred to as the "sum of the three dimensions") of which exceeds 203 centimeters (80 inches) or the dimensions of which cannot be stowed in a cargo compartment of the boarding flight, and/or the weight of which exceeds 32 kilograms (70 pounds). In case JAL accepts such Carriage, charges shall be assessed in accordance with JAL's Regulations.
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Do you have an example situation?
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I have a semi-long (5hours) layover in LHR and want to access my luggage.
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I have a similar situation. Booked on SYD - HND - HEL - BER (the last two segments being operated by Finnair) and I'd love to be able to short check my bags to HEL and not board the final leg to BER (the scheduled stopover in HEL is 2:35). As far as I can tell, my bags will go through to BER by default (even though HEL is the first stop in the Schengen area) unless I can convince a check-in agent in SYD to short check. How likely is it that I'd be able to do that?
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