Amazing customer service today

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Amazing customer service today

I swore to not care about accumulating frequent flyer miles etc when JAL announced the upcoming devaluation in Dec... but I guess I canít wean off JAL after all, especially given how they treat the customers during special situations.

I was having a bad day today - Got stuck in traffic; a taxi ride to GMP airport that never took more than 30 min ended up taking over 50 min, and on top of that the driver took the wrong lane which led to a gigantic underground parking in nearby mall which we spent over 10 minutes circling about for entrance and exit. As the result, I arrived at the airport 10-15 min after the check-in deadline (couldnít do Online check in). Desperate, I managed to connect to JL customer service line in Japan and told them my situation 10 min before the check in deadline, and the lady there told me sheíd inform my situation to the local airport but canít promise anything. When I arrived to the airport, almost losing hope, I found the staff waiting for me with my boarding pass practically issued- just needed to show them my alien card. The whole check in process took less than 1 min- the fastest ever!

This being my bad day, of course I had to leave something at the seat pocket on the plane, realizing it the moment I stepped out of customs in HND. I went to the F1 counter on 3rd floor to report it. As I had to run for an appointment and needed to take the monorail leaving in 10 min to make it, after giving my phone no, I told them that Iíll get my husband whoís arriving with a different flight to get it on my behalf later. They called me to say they found it when I was already on the monorail platform. With only 4-5 min left till the express train departs, they told me to ask my husband to take it. But just a few min later, the 2 JAL ladies found me on the platform and hand delivered my left item, in time for me to catch my train! I couldnít believe how quickly they managed to pull everything off! What an exemplary customer service.

Sorry for the long post, but long story short, itís how you treat the customers during troubles that leaves the strongest impression, and on that front, JAL simply wows me. itís hard to find such a high level of service elsewhere. Iím staying loyal after all and plan to maintain JGP for 2020.

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Haneda staff is extraordinary! They will do the impossible for you. They do have a big impact in JAL business.
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Why are you surprised? That’s just the standard customer service JAL provides to regular passengers on a daily basis
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I have had a lot of very good service experiences from JAL. One of the reasons I mainly stick with them for private travel as well.

It is always nice to hear that other people are noticing the excellent service side of flying JAL.
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Originally Posted by JALPak View Post
Why are you surprised? That’s just the standard customer service JAL provides to regular passengers on a daily basis
Well, I don’t usually cause these kind of troubles myself, especially not twice in a day so how flexibly & efficiently they deal with them were surprising. In all fairness though, if I were calling through regular JMB line as opposed to diamond /premier line, I probably wouldn’t manage to get hold of the JL operator in time before the deadline, so a little bit of status did help systematically.

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Same here.

I was late at Haneda in July as well and made it to the check in counter right at the cut-off all sweating. The check in lady told me not to worry and processed my boarding pass after speaking to someone else.

She then escorted me to the crew security line and I skipped that long line wait at Haneda (even with status the line is like a zoo).
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