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Martellus Nov 9, 17 1:15 pm

Protection on connecting JL flights (on separate tickets)
I currently have a award flight from ORD -> NRT, but we decided we'd rather start off in Kansai. There's no award availability from NRT -> ITM so I'm considering buying it with cash, so I would have two separate tickets with both flights on JL.

Assuming I run into issues from ORD -> NRT and that flight is delayed enough to cause me miss my NRT -> ITM flight, will I be protected, given that both flights are on JL? Or will I be out of luck since both are on separate tickets. (the connection time is sufficient to satisfy the MCT requirement)

Yoshi212 Nov 9, 17 3:07 pm

MCT only applies to actual connections which you will not have being on two separate tickets. So be sure to add additional time. JAL has published statements about baggage on separate tickets and it isn't in your favor. Be prepared to have to collect your bags at NRT & recheck them for your flight to ITM.

Being on two different tickets you are not protected under JAL's COC so plan accordingly. Flights from NRT aren't as frequent as from HND with only two flights on JL from NRT-ITM of which I'd suggest taking the 18:20 flight. To use up that time you could purchase lounge access, if you don't already have it, to refresh after the long flight.
Other options include taking the train.

CPH-Flyer Nov 9, 17 5:37 pm

Customs clearance always takes place at point of entry to Japan, so whether on one or two tickets you have to collect the luggage in Narita and recheck them. The domestic check-in area is only a few steps away from arrivals. So in your case getting the bags checked through over two tickets gives limited benefits. Only probably, that JAL could knows where you are if you are late in arrival.

That last part being said, JAL will not protect your connection on two tickets. It is your own risk. Narita is pretty efficient, so you just have to judge your gamble of on time performance of the flight.

AlwaysAisle Nov 10, 17 11:57 am

You will arrive at NRT on 15:05, or 3:05 p.m. You are mentioning tight connection so I am assuming you are booked on JL 3005 to ITM departing NRT on 4:55 p.m. (16:55). JL sets Int.-Dom. connection at NRT as 80 min. so you are correct that you meet MCT set by JL.

You have to go through immigration passport control and customs at first port of entry at Japan, in your case NRT. Checked baggage acceptance for domestic JL flight is 20 min before the departure. Hence you have an hour and 30 min. to go through customs and immigration at NRT. My experience is that is usually enough time, but it is dependent on how long is non-Japanese line at passport control will be. Especially during holiday season lines at non-Japanese passport control can get long.

There is another ITM flight, JL 3007 departing NRT at 6:20 p.m. (18:20). If you miss JL 3005 at NRT then will JL put you on JL3007? That is dependent on a ticket rule of your domestic flight. If you purchased “Yokoso” type fare then the fare rule specifically says you cannot change first leg of the reservation. If you purchased full economy fare then ticket can be change to any other flights on NRT-ITM.

My experience is that JL tend to be accommodating/understanding regarding int-dom transfer. Best is when you arrive at NRT, get hold of JL ground agents (not FA on aircraft) usually on a jet bridge as you walk out of the aircraft and explain your domestic connection. They are usually good about that.

LTN Phobia Nov 10, 17 6:30 pm

Originally Posted by AlwaysAisle (Post 29044835)
Especially during holiday season lines at non-Japanese passport control can get long.

It can look rather alarming but it moves pretty fast nowadays though, since they started doing fingerprints and photo at additional stands before the actual immigration desks when it's busy. I think this is pretty standard now as they had those additional stands at all of my last 3 entries in the last couple of months.

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