JAL announce profit - Stand Up, JAL!

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JAL announce profit - Stand Up, JAL!

I just finished reading a somewhat interesting article in this week's Economist, and for some reason it really reminded me of JAL's transformation woes:

Things fall apart in Japan

A black dog of a depression has settled back over the country’s politics, affecting both main parties. In opposition the LDP has unravelled with impressive speed. In late April the country’s favourite politician, Yoichi Masuzoe, a rare combination in the LDP of ambition and ideas, joined a stream of high-profile defectors forming new parties. He calls for refreshing change: deregulation, decentralisation and—crucially for a country with too many paws on the levers of power—a halving of the number in the Diet (parliament).

For the moment, such groupings have not captured the public imagination. They contain too many lone wolves and grumpy old men, such as the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, who is responsible for the naming of one notable new party, Tachiagare Nippon!—literally, Stand Up, Japan! When The Economist once called on him, he launched into a tirade about Japanese men cowed by their womenfolk into sitting down when they pee.

fair use: http://www.economist.com/PrinterFrie...ry_id=16005298
JAL now announcing profits for March...

That's like my 92-year-old grandpa having an erection!!


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