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iadh Apr 27, 17 6:03 pm

Train to catch in Verona
I know this is not directly LH-related, but I'm hoping someone here will know the answer anyway: I'll be arriving at VRN airport on a Sunday afternoon in a couple of weeks and I will need to catch a train at the Porta Nueva station for my onward travel. I have a little over 90 minutes between arrival at VRN and train departure. Is this doable? -- Thanks.

AlicorporateUK Apr 28, 17 1:13 am

This will probably get moved to the Italy's sub-forum within Destinations but the answer to your question is yes, you have plenty of time to reach the main train station, either by shuttle bus (direct service, it leaves every 20 minutes for a total journey time of roughly a quarter of an hour, depending on traffic) or taxi (service standards are above average in that particular area, which translates in next-to-nil chances of getting ripped off like in many other Italian/European cities, including Rome - taxi drivers tend to speak fairly good English, too).

I hope this helps - enjoy Veneto (should your onward journey be taking you somewhere within the region).


iadh Apr 28, 17 8:07 am

Originally Posted by AlicorporateUK (Post 28239784)
... yes, you have plenty of time to reach the main train station...

Thanks for the assurance. I figured it would work, but I wasn't sure how long it would take to claim my luggage at VRN. Thanks again.

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