IC - Bora Bora vs. Fiji vs. Bali

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IC - Bora Bora vs. Fiji vs. Bali


Looking for some insight, some great flight deals out there for all three of these pacific locations, I should've got taken the economy fare Delta put up for Papeete Friday. US$485 from many US locations , still Fiji and Bali both have great flight deals. Which one would you go with or go back to?

From my research, feel free to correct me.

Bora Bora probably Highest price accommodation, and transportation specially if you go with the Thalasso resort, but best view, both locations have over-water bungalows, food is very expensive. Papeete has the fewest air connections of the 3.

Fiji, don't know much about this place. looks like its near the airport.

Bali, probably the least expensive option, longest flight from US. Denspasar is atleast a real city, more to do on the island itself, positive and negative. The rooms look great but you get a view of the golf course.

What do I want, a vacation, crystal clear water. Eventually i'd like to have visited all three of these, may take a few years. TIA
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Hi Fraser434,

I'll add my 2c of advice on this one. Frankly I think Bali is hugely overrated. I'm living in Singapore these days and its a quick flight and usually dirt cheap to visit. Think living in Los Angeles and traveling to Cabo for the weekend type stuff. Not sure if you have kids or not, but some areas are more suited towards the party hard crowd, especially places like Kuta.

We've stayed at the IC Bali a couple times. During our last stay in August we had a great bi-level suite and the club was pretty nice. Staff, hotel grounds etc were great absolutely no complaints. Coming from SG its easy, couple hours and cheaper than spending the weekend at home! But if I was coming from say the US, I wouldn't bother with Bali. So many better places in SE Asia to visit.

Bora Bora is awesome. My wife and I love the place, people are super friendly, not much to do but chill and relax on the beach which is I assume what you are after. Definitely not cheap, that's for sure. We used to stay at the Hotel Bora Bora back in the day...and still feeling sad it never reopened. We have a trip planned later this year and will be checking out the IC TH, looking forward to that visit since its been almost 10 years!

Fiji is great too. It's been a few years since we last visited. It has more of a rustic feel, maybe that's the right way to phrase it?, then the high end properties in Bora Bora, but has its own charm.

Anyway best wishes and enjoy what I am sure will be an amazing trip!

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Bali is more likely to be polluted with lots of trash in the water (murky to begin with) and its the farthest. Some area are very crowded and messy some ok. Pros are spas, good selection of food (beach bbq next to hotel), low cost.
Tahiti is the closest but an extra flt to BOB will set you back another 500. Everything very expensive. Limited food options.
Pros: not crowded, best water, best rooms, the only option with overwater bungaloes
Fiji: havent been to that one but iirc at nearby sheraton westin hilton water is not clear. Check on exact location for water and food etc availability. Most likely have to take tours. Nonstop flts to nan bur pretty long ones.
pros: nonstop, not too crowded (mainly aussies), not too expensive, some food options
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I can only comment on Bali, having been there multiple times. If all you want to do is relax on a beach with a view, don't go to Bali. The beaches aren't worth the travel. There is, however, a lot to do on the island and the surrounding islands- diving/snorkeling, hiking, 2000 year old temples, westernized tourist areas with tons of good food & drink & shopping options, and everything is low priced.
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Have you thought about the IC Moorea? It is a quick ferry ride from Papeete-30 minutes or so. I stayed there overnight on a free night. It is a nice medium between Bora Bora and Tahiti. The water is as pretty as Bora Bora, but it is less remote and there are options for eating off the property. Way nicer than Tahiti! The resort is beautiful, the staff amazing, a d And A great would go there again Ina heartbeat. I stayed in a beach bungalow - it was very nice!
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I've been to Bali and Fiji and am in fact heading back to Bali next month.

We like to book club and receive the benefits that offers.
Club rooms are up on the hill so a bit of trek (or you can order a cart) Club lounge views are awesome and has its own pool. Fiji food is average at best and the hotel is pretty secluded so not really any other options here. Even the fine dining in the hotel is lack lustre and really exprensive. I think the club rooms are also starting to feel tired (although havent been for 2 years now so maybe they've had a spruce up). But still a favourite spot for me.

I know they are doing up the hotel and expect to be in an upgraded fully renovated room. I thought the club here was good on our last visit (maybe 3 years ago). Good pool options and good dining options. And of course you can dine out of the hotel. I dont swim in the ocean so I cant really comment on the beaches, to me its all about the pools and relaxation.

Havent been to Bora Bora but brother in law has and thought it was VERY expensive and overrated. But LOVED the location and overwater bungalows.

Another option to consider could be the new Hayman Island resort just off the coast of Australia, especially if you are considering a long haul to Bali.
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Thank you for everyones replies, helpful. I also saw this article Maldives vs. Bora Bora.

Still kicking myself for ignoring the $550 RT to Papeete , I did notice Air Caraibes has an A350 route from SFO to PPT for a competitive rate.
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