Accelerate 1 May 2018 - 31 July 2018

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Another quarter, another Accelerate. Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below:

For newcomers to IHG promotions, note that Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn (including Holiday Inn Resorts) are two different brand categories for these things. If your dashboard says 'stay at a Holiday Inn Express' as one of the tasks and you stay at a Holiday Inn, it will NOT credit for the Holiday Inn Express task. (and vice versa)

For a task that says 'Stay X number of times at a Holiday Inn Express' (or Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, etc.) each stay must be at a different property for it to fully credit rather than staying at the same property multiple times.

An award stay only counts toward a task that specifically requires an award stay and will not count toward other tasks and night requirements for the purposes of the promotion. (Award stays do count toward general elite qualification, but that's outside this promotion)

'Redeem points' award nights only count for the 'redeem points' task and no other tasks. (example- an award night does not count toward 'Stay X number of nights')

At IHG, points + cash stays are simply points stays where you bought some of the points at the time of the reservation. Once you finish the reservation, a points + cash stay shows as a points stay. Thus points + cash stays only count for tasks where they are specified, and not other tasks.

Doing a points + cash booking and then cancelling it does NOT trigger a 'buy points' task completion. A 'buy points' task is a points transaction that is processed through

The 'pay with your IHG credit card' task has typically been very slow to post. If it does within about two weeks of completing a stay, that's relatively quick, and it will often be several weeks beyond that, depending on when your statement closing date is and how IHG's system sweep is timed.

Some offers require booking within the promotion period in addition to staying during the promotion period.

Registration & dashboard link:
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Old Apr 12, 18, 4:00 pm
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Can anyone confirm if stays booked through company's travel portal (same price as IHG website, and qualifies for night and stay credit) count towards the accelerate tasks? Thanks.
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My one is almost identical to the current one but a bit more lucrative. Only difference really is the renew AMB instead of the weekend task.

Stay once - 2000
9 nights - 18000
4 HI - 13200
5 with the app - 9600
redeem - 1000
Renew AMB - 5000

Achievement (6 out of 7) 16200

May bonus - 2000

Total 68500

Unless Quidco significantly reduce the cashback amount it will once again be the app one that’s missed.
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Not going to complain with mine!
I've got a light quarter travel wise, so likely won't hit 7 nights with IHG, but I can still get my bonus! SWEET!

My Offers

Points ValueOffer DescriptionStatus1,500Stay Once Get 1,500 Bonus Points
Thank you for being a loyal IHG® Rewards Club member. Stay once and earn 1,500 bonus points.

10,500Stay More, Earn More
Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 7 night(s) and earn 10,500 bonus points.

9,600Travel with the IHG® App
Book 2 stay(s) with the IHG® App and earn 9,600 bonus points.

1,000Earn When You Redeem
You earned your points, now use them! Redeem your points for anything, from a digital download to a Reward Night, and you’ll earn 1,000 bonus points.

17,400Your Achievement Bonus
Complete 3 of the 4 offers and earn (an additional) 17,400 bonus points.

1,500May Bonus Offer
Stay once in May and get 1,500 bonus points.
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77k with 10 tasks, I think as the site is showing that info and also saying they are having technical difficulties.
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One of the easiest Accelerate offers I've had, considering what I need to do over the three months anyway:

Stay once - 2,000 (Happy Anniversary)
5 nights - 10,000
2 Holiday Inn Express hotels - 8,400
3 stays with App - 9,600
3 stays with Corporate Account - 2,500
Redeem something - 1,000
Achievement bonus (6 out of 7) - 12,500
Stay once in May bonus - 2,000
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Very disappointing.

They've cut it from 50 nights for 100,000 points, to 27 nights for 54,000 points. I've achieved the 50 night target for years.

A massive 46,000 points hit for me.

Also asked to book 12 Your Rate Bonus Points Packages for 10,000 points - too excessive.
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5 nights
2 app bookings
1 weekend stay
1 credit card pay
1 reward redemption

40,000 + May + Brands = 43,500 total.

My Q1 stays are very much backloaded so I was expecting an easy summer promo. I have enough travel planned to pick and choose my stays for this so overall happy with an expected sweep.
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Happy Anniversary, one stay 2000.
5 nights, 10000.
Book 2 stays with App, 3200.
Book one stay with IHG card, 1500.
Complete 3 of 4, extra 23300.

May bonus, 2000.
Exclusive brand bonus, IC, Indigo, Even, extra 1500.

I'm looking for two stays for 32000, good enough.
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81,300 with 10 tasks for me
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Originally Posted by hurrykane View Post
back to back meh accelerates for me being new to IHG

2k stay once in may
1.5k stay once at IC, indigo, or een
2k stay once
5k stay 4 more nights
3k stay 3 more nights
3k stay 3 more nights
3k stay 3 more nights
3k stay 3 more nights
15k stay 3 more nights

I got the same think this is a terrible promotion for me! Minimum of 20 stays to get close to 37,500k points. Last offer I had got me 46,500 and I only had to complete 12 stays!
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It helps not completing the previous Accelerate promo

Q1 I needed 18 nts for the biggest bonus (36,000) item and I was tempted to do that, but I find that when I don't complete that item, the subsequent Accel promo requires fewer nts. Sure enough, just registered for the May Accelerate and it dropped to 9 nights. Decent tasks and points:

1st stay 2000
9 nights 18,000
2 using IHG app 4800
Weekend stay 6000
Corp discount stay 2500
2 stays in China/HK/Macau 12000
Redeem 1000
Complete 6 of 7 14,200
May stay 2000
Stay at an IC/Indigo/Even 1500

Also, shows, if printed out:

Stay final week 2000
Stay June 2000
Stay July 2000
Anniversary bonus for 1st stay 2000 (maybe duplicate of the first item?)
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Does anyone know if the Venetian in Vegas counts towards this promotion? Does it code as an InterContinental?

(Please don't yell at me for asking this question)
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Originally Posted by rainpoolps View Post
Can anyone confirm if stays booked through company's travel portal (same price as IHG website, and qualifies for night and stay credit) count towards the accelerate tasks? Thanks.
One of mine is “book using Corporate Code”, with a specific note that bookings made through my company portal count - so I’d say your stays will qualify.
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This is pretty simple for me.
Stay once: 2,000 points
Five nights: 10,000 points
Use IHG card: 1,500 points
All of the above: 26,500 points
Stay in May: 2,000 points
Brand bonus (IC, Indigo, Even): 1,500 points

Basically 40,000 points for five paid nights. I had two already planned so need to find three elsewhere. Fortunately low end HIXs count and I legitimately qualify for the state government rate in CA.
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13 nights for me. Well, I think I will do a Hilton Diamond challenge instead
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