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Announcements in Forum : Information Desk
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Welcome to the Information Desk! Please READ THIS BEFORE POSTING in this forum!

Welcome to FlyerTalk!


Before you post, please look at the Topic Index in
the wiki
to find the best place for your post.

For example, do not post about
One Specific Airline or Program
Credit Cards
Finding Fares
Airport Connections

These posts are off-topic and your thread will be locked or moved

Thanks for helping us to better help you!

So, what SHOULD be posted here in the Info Desk forum?
  • New-Member Guidance — questions about how FlyerTalk works and where to post your questions, tips for getting started on award programs, lists of how-to resources
Before you post, please see if the answers you need are already here:
  • General Guidance — the Resources Thread has tips and links to get you started.
  • Program Advice — if you're new to frequent flyer programs, or thinking about making a change, try
  • Sticky Threads — important forum information, FAQs, etc.: please read them first!
  • Where to Post — use the Where to Find Info index to figure out the best forum for your question
  • Wikiposts — many threads have a topic summary, thread rules, etc.: please read them first!
  • Flame-Free Threads — a list of special no-question-too-stupid threads to get you started.
Once you've found the forum that best meets your needs, just jump in and have fun! Not ready to post questions yet? The New Member Roll Call thread is a great place to make your first post!

Thanks for reading!

jackal, scoow, aBroadAbroad and beckoa
Your Information Desk Moderation Team
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