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Is there a way to "release" OTA (Priceline) flight ticket so airline can manage it?

Is there a way to "release" OTA (Priceline) flight ticket so airline can manage it?

Old Sep 22, 22, 2:56 am
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Is there a way to "release" OTA (Priceline) flight ticket so airline can manage it?

I bought a multi-city Turkish Airlines ticket on Priceline because it was pricing about $1000 cheaper through OTA (yes I tried many times to see if I can price it directly on airline).

There's a schedule change now where the automated rescheduling has landed me on an impossible time-travel connection (e.g. AAA-Istanbul-BBB, where I'm arriving in Istanbul in the afternoon but have to depart Istanbul the same morning). Trying to fix this with Priceline is like pulling teeth, as I fully expected - they seem entirely incompetent and can't seem to comprehend basic time-travel to put me on the next day's flight etc.

As a frequent flyer I fully understand this is a risk of using OTA etc but this time around the savings were great. My travel schedule was fixed so I figured worst case some minor schedule change I'll deal with, but I didn't expect that the automated turkish-airline computers will rebook me on an impossible connection.

1) So anyways, is there any process at all I can ask Priceline to "release" the ticket so that the airline can manage it themselves and then I can call and deal with Turkish airline? Are there some magic words or fees I need to pay to release this ticket?

2) Alternatievly, if I show up at the first point of departure with this currently confirmed AAA-Istanbul-BBB timetravel ticket, will the airline agent at either first airport or the Istanbul transfer desk be able to fix me up without having to deal with priceline right now (the flight is next month)? Anything at all so I don't have to deal with the OTA to make this schedule change?
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Old Sep 22, 22, 3:04 am
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I don't think having the ticket fixed at IST is an option. Most airport agents won't check you in (or check bags) if they notice that you have an illegal connection.

If you allow lots and lots of time, this might work at AAA if it's a major TK airport so that it's staffed with real TK employees and not airport contract workers. However, it's a big risk.

Some (USA AFAIK) airlines sometimes allow the "takeover" of a ticket from a travel agent for about a $50 fee, but the cases I know seem to involve corporate travel agents, not deeply discounted tickets (bulk fares?) from OLTAs.

You might want to ask about ticket release/takeover in the TK forum here on FT.
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Old Sep 26, 22, 2:49 am
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I have no experience with Priceline. If you can't get anywhere with Priceline, I suggest to sit tight/do nothing for now. I'm confident that either TK or Priceline will pick-up the impossible connection at some stage and will contact you for rebooking (most likely Priceline once they are notified by TK). If not, call TK within24h of departure (then TK is control of the ticket) to get rebooked or go to the airport early and let the check-in agents deal with it.

I agree with the previous poster that you will not be allowed to travel to IST with an invalid connection so the departure airport staff has to deal with it.
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Try contact your local TK ticketing office to see if they can help you.
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Old Sep 27, 22, 7:25 am
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TK is also pretty useless and I am pretty sure won't touch the ticket. You could try though.

Does it show as canceled/changed on the TK website and priceline? If not, Priceline will not do anything until it does. Typically the ticket is queued to fix the connection and this might take time so if your flight is (far) in the future just wait.

With priceline, when calling ask for a supervisor immediately as those are more empowered/knowledgeable.
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