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bobbytables Jun 15, 22 10:30 pm

OTA booking has produced "overlapping" bookings under the same ticket
I have a booking with an OTA. The ticket has two booking references despite being the same ticket number all the way through. The ticket is on NZ ticket stock (086-).

Today I was using the booking references with the relevant airline websites to select seats, and I noticed something strange:

The overall itinerary is A - B - C - D.

The first booking reference, which I am able to manage via NZ's website, contains A - B - C (all operated by NZ), all ticketed and confirmed. No problem there.

The second booking reference, which NZ's website rejects but which works on SQ's website, overlaps it, containing B - C (operated by NZ) and C - D (operated by SQ), with only C - D ticketed and confirmed. B - C shows as "Reserved" and "Not yet ticketed".

Is this a normal situation? Is there any risk of showing up at C to find that C - D has been canceled because B - C (on that booking reference) was never ticketed/flown, even though it was ticketed and flown on a different booking reference?

SK AAR Jun 16, 22 6:36 am

Yeah, nothing to worry about. The SQ web is only realiable in respect to SQ segments. You really can't use info provided by SQ on flights operated by other carriers (unless it is a SQ codeshare flight). As you have confirmation from NZ that also the segments operated by NZ are ticketed, you are good to go.

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