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Pawan Kondagunta Mar 23, 19 11:17 pm

Business Class or Premium Economy: USA - India Upgrade

I am planning to travel to India from USA (Texas) and my company will sponsor my tickets but it will be in Economy class. What is the best way to get those upgraded to Premium economy or Business Class ticket. Is Upgrade my only option or do i have any other better options without spending too much money.

JDiver Mar 24, 19 10:27 am

Welcome to FlyerTalk.

Upgrade requirements and offers vary by airline, so which airline you choose makes a difference.

We will move your query to a better forum for replies than The Suggestion Box forum.

JDiver, Co-Moderator, The Suggestion Box forum

Yoshi212 Mar 24, 19 10:40 am

Much more information needed.

Which airline(s)?
What fare is the ticket booked into? Some programs restrict upgrade eligibility based on the fare of the ticket.
What route?
Any status with the airline? If so, does that status include an upgrade documents?

LondonElite Mar 24, 19 10:42 am

I suspect that the only way you’ll be able to travel in premium economy is to pay for the ‘upgrade’, either at the airport on online, if at all possible.

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