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adityamohan Jun 20, 08 7:53 pm

Our 4.5 month old Baby died on an international Jet Airways Flight ...
Our 4.5 month old Baby died in the aircraft while the Jet Airways Flight 229 from Brussels to Delhi was landing on 17th June 2008. The baby is a Canadian citizen and parents are Non Resident Indians. The mainstream media has all but ignored the news. The only coverage thus far:

a) Parents still don't know why infant died in aircraft

b) Infant dies on flight, NRI parents say he was healthy

My wife and I are shattered. I have been running around in Delhi, contacting the Safdarjung hospital morgue and police for a copy of the Autopsy report and a First-information report recorded in the aircraft.

The airline has not called even to offer condolences yet (as of AM: 21st June)

I seek any help I can get.

Grieving Parent
Contact me at: adityamohan _at_

AAaLot Jun 20, 08 9:21 pm

Very sorry for your loss.

I did not open your links, but have lost a son at even a younger age...sometimes there are no explanations for what has happened.

It is important for you to remain close to those that have shared in your loss. Don't let events drive you and your spouse far from each other.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason at all. Sometimes there is no one to blame.

obscure2k Jun 20, 08 9:26 pm

Welcome to Flyertalk, adityamohan
I am so sorry for your terrible loss. I am moving your thread to th Airlines Of India, which is the rightful forum. Clearly, there is no "right" Forum on FT which can address your loss and grief. I am hoping that those who peruse and contribute to the Airlines Of India can, in some way, give you a degree of solace. I know, for certain, that the Moderator of this Forum has a great deal of experience and will do what he can do to comfort and educate you.
TravelBuzz Moderator

onlyairfare Jun 20, 08 10:04 pm

My condolences on your loss.

If your son was a Canadian citizen, could the Canadian Embassy be of help to you? I would think the Embassy must be notified of a death of a Canadian citizen abroad, and has procedures for dealing with such an event. They may also have recommendations for local physicians in Bangalore who could be of help.

The postmortem examination and related test results may take a while to be completed. Until then, it may be hard to determine the cause of death, and sometimes it remains unexplained.

Again, I am sorry for your loss.

iTanNicNic Jun 20, 08 11:10 pm

My heart goes out to you. I can only imagine how you must feel, not only having to deal with the loss of a child and then trying to find help in your situation when little seems to be offered. I second the idea of contacting the Canadian Embassy, they may be a valuable resource for you.

Stay strong and know that you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers :)

mikita Jun 20, 08 11:17 pm

Very sorry to hear about your loss. Keep strong. Everything happens because GOD wants it that way.

jeelele Jun 20, 08 11:18 pm

My sincere condolences. I think it will be most expeditious if you would get Canadian Embassy in Delhi to intervene. We all know how things can be in India.

I would pray to almighty to give you, your wife and family strength and courage in the most difficult time in your life. I wish you patience and perseverance to get things moving, sometimes things can happen for no clear reason.

happytravelling Jun 20, 08 11:39 pm

Such a terrible thing to have happened to your first and only child. I am surprised that you chose to travel with such a young baby, regardless of whether airlines allow it or not.

You said in the newspaper article, you "could feel a drop in oxygen level in the aircraft". I don't believe that you can feel the "oxygen level change", but you can definitely feel the air pressure change.

The pressure change is a real and constant threat on any airline to the health of anyone, let alone a young baby. Before my last flight, I felt like I had water in my ears, no pain or discomfort - had gone alternated between the swimming pool and sauna for 3 hours. On takeoff, it started hurting tremendously and hurt the entire trip. Upon landing, I went to the hospital at the Seoul international airport (almost all international airports have hospitals), whereupon the doctor showed me pictures of my ear (discolored and swollen) and told me that it may have been sensitive or already slightly damaged, but the pressure change in the takeoff caused "catastrauphic damage" to an already damaged eardrum. He did not want me to fly for a few days, but I had to. I would think that a doctor, or parents of a 4 month old baby, would think more than twice about travelling with the infant.
I would hate to think that the doctor who said the baby could fly did not take the susceptibility of babies to such pressure changes.

Pointeater Jun 20, 08 11:45 pm

I feel terrible for you.

I'm guessing here, but whenever I see sudden death + airline flight I always think pulmonary embolism. This is what Tim Russert had, but they said heart attack on tv.

Its very difficult to detect and very difficult to identify the potential ahead of time. I found this article related to embolisms and infants/children. It may point you in the right direction or line of questioning there.

Ask to speak with a hematologist there if you can. Most general doctors - even cardiologists are uninformed about Protein S, C, or Factor V Leiden. These gene deficiency disorders make the person highly susceptible to forming blood clots if they are stationery + at altitude for long periods of time. Many people have these deficiencies, but don't know it.

A simple blood test can be done to see if you or your spouse have either of these gene disorders and then if they are positive, its likely your child had it too, but not guaranteed. I have the Factor V Leiden, yet my brother is clear.

Hopefully you find out what the cause was as soon as possible, and hopefully this will give you some lead to an answer. Good luck and you have my condolences.

Georgia Peach Jun 21, 08 12:11 am

My father died while visiting friends in Delhi, and the American Embassy was instrumental in expediting the return of his body. We also received a death certificate of sorts issued by them. I'm so sorry for your loss.

PhlyingRPh Jun 21, 08 1:17 am

I am very sorry. ILWIIR

GUWonder Jun 21, 08 1:23 am

Our condolences to you and your family.

Babu Jun 21, 08 4:22 am

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

B747-437B Jun 21, 08 5:15 am

I'm sure I speak for the vast majority of forum readers here when I express my deepest sympathies for this tragic event. I hope that someone here is able to assist you acquire the information you require to facilitate closure.

That said, I also want to make it clear to the forum users that this is not a thread intended to be a "blame game". It is a fine line to walk between speculative diagnosis and finger-pointing, but we must take care to walk on the right side of it. Comments which stray across the line may need to be removed.

Sean (B747-437B)
Airlines of India

hserus Jun 21, 08 7:37 am

The Indian Express article cited above has some insightful comments - one from a group captain (I guess that's an air force rank, not an airline rank - but a qualified pilot in any case) and another from a paediatrician.

1. The infant died inflight

2. There isnt much that can be said or done before the autopsy is finished. And once that's done (I guess, as others have suggested, the canadian embassy can expedite this) further action can be decided.

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