Idea for new FLYi promotion

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Idea for new FLYi promotion

I have an idea for building on the success of Independence Air’s recent GLiDE promotion for students.

Think about this: I’m a student. I live in Pittsburgh and I study in Boston. Every year for the next four years, like hundreds of thousands of other students, I will fly from my home to my university at least four times, roundtrip.

This got me thinking. If I need to purchase 16 roundtrip flights from Pittsburgh to Boston between now and my graduation, why doesn’t Independence Air make me an offer: a package of 16 roundtrip PIT-BOS tickets to be used within four years and flying only on available fares on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays for $500 (paid up-front!).

Here’s the clever part. Get access to a database of the 200,000 students whose parents live within 50 miles of an airport served by Independence Air AND attend a university within 50 miles of a different airport served by Independence Air. These are your target customers for the promotion: they all fly several times a year on one FLYi route, and they’re willing to buy in bulk and fill the empty seats if it saves them a few dollars.

FLYi, the student airline? They’d be the buzz of every college campus in the country – just like when they announced the first GLiDE promotion in April. Four major benefits: parents will love FLYi, students will stay loyal customers for life, they fill empty seats and the promotion will do wonders for cash flow.

Any thoughts? I guess any airline could do it, but Independence Air seems to be the most creative in the quest to challenge the legacy carriers.
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This would be great for FlyI, terrible for you. Think about it. You're prepaying for four years of travel on an airline that might not be around in four months. They get a bunch of cash now, but the cash flow dries up almost immediately. So, they get to spend the cash and then they and their creditors look at their ongoing profitability and see none, so they go away.

A better idea would be for you to send me a check for $100. I get money and you lose less. It's win-win!
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some type of student program like the Glide pass does make sense. Both of my students Charleston WV and Nashville TN took advantage of the Glide pass this summer. When they fly home thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes spring break the first airline I look at is Indy. They don't neccessarly fly Indy but at least it's on my radar
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Maybe do something more like FL's X-Fares:

Same idea, but you don't have to pre-pay. You just show up at the airport and jump on a plane with available seats.
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Originally Posted by StSebastian
Maybe do something more like FL's X-Fares:

Same idea, but you don't have to pre-pay. You just show up at the airport and jump on a plane with available seats.
I've never used X-fares, but if you have to make a connection, the price adds up fast.

Prior to its swallowup by AA, TWA had a program for students. You bought 4 coupons in advance for I think $500 plus tax. One coupon was good for a one-way domestic flight, except for Hawaii, where you needed two coupons. I used the packs a few times and had no problems with them.
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