DH service to LAS...

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DH service to LAS...

Well....I bit the bullet and booked on Indy Air for an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. I'm a loyal United flyer but the fare they offered and my strong desire to see FlyI survive (if for no other reason than to see United actually try and compete) drove my decision to give them a try.

Has anyone had any experience with this route? I'm not expecting dinner but I would like to know what to expect on the LAS side of things.
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I flew this route at the end of June. The plane was new and clean with all leather seats. For entertainment you can rent a video player for $10 with several movies on it. See list of movies here. We had drink service twice and they came through with a snack basket that had many choices. The flight attendents were excellent!

I think you will be fine and hope you enjoy the trip.
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I agree with RICflyer....my wife and I flew this route RT last week and had extraordinary service outbound and very good service return. Both ways had snacks and 2x beverage service. DigEPlayers are an excellent way to pass the time and worth the $10 rental. On the return they didn;t have enough headsets to go with the players, so they handed them out without charge to anyone who had their own headsets.

The outbound FA's were the best I've eno****ered in a long time. Friendly and efficient throughout the 4.5 hour trip. In the spirit of heading out to LAS they even held two raffles during the trip - anyone who wanted to play threw $1 into a bag with their seat number marked on the bill, then they drew a winner at random -- first time the prize was over $100; the second time it was about $50.

All in all a FAR better experience than life on TED.
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Pre Digiplayer:

bluesincenew and I took a flight out right after they started service. I took a DH flight to SJC recently and the in-flight service was exactly the same, plus Digiplayers. On my SJC flight they were out of splitters, so I'd suggest bringing your own headphones and splitters if you want to use them, just in case. Besides, your headphones are probably better than what they're going to give away as included in the $10 rental fee.
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